Monday, May 25, 2015


Alice stepped through the looking glass,
but was stopped by security and searched;
detained and taken before a magistrate
for the contraband found in her purse.

They asked her her name, and she said it was Alice,
this morning to the best of her knowledge;
The gavel came down: "Guilty! Read the charge!"
Now enrolled in penitentiary, not college.

A champion appeared, a man with a queer
predilection for romancing minors;
wrote her story for the press, claiming duress
by the bumbling fools who'd tried her.

He got her released, and Alice was pleased
to be gone from the matron, a sadist;
now Kate Beckinsale plays her, and the studio pays her--
that's what the moral to that is!

for Warning the Stars Saturday #23...Alice with a twist.



Cloudia said...

Once again a fabulous perfectly carved opening, then a poem to live up to it. Simple and profound. So good, the fools miss it; Like all genius. [alas]

( '>

ALOHA from Honolulu,

Sherry Blue Sky said...

It is rather brilliant, rhyming sadist and that is, kiddo. I love it. Alice with a twist, what a cool prompt!

Stacy Lynn Mar said...

i loved this brilliant rewrite on our modern-day Alice. I'm sure there's more than one of her.

And the little rhymes here and there flowed in just the right places.

Thanks for partaking in the prompt, it was a pleasure to have you stop by.

hedgewitch said...

A twisted, updated re-cap of the Alice mythos, and probably just what would happen if it were set in the modern era. The rhyming is always a plus for me, and here it is decidedly original.

Kerry O'Connor said...

a man with a queer
predilection for romancing minors...

It now appears the same is true of James M Barrie, and his Peter Pan muse.

Mama Zen said...

You simply amaze me!

De said...

Ha! Did NOT see that coming. ;) Great modern take. Love that she's headed for the pen, instead of college. Fun piece here.

Lynn said...

I like that rhymin'! :)

Daryl said...

adorbs! .. no really

Anonymous said...

I love that Alice seems to have a split personality. And I'm dying to know what was in her purse. In this case, I presume it's fair to say "Alice" is hiding "all lies" amidst the lipsticks.

The rhyming and rhythm sure made me smile, as did the arrival of the champion, who turned it all around for her. :)

Morals, morals, morals. No matter where you look.

I'd like to hear more about the sadist matron. And anything involving Kate!