Friday, May 29, 2015

Constellation In Glass

I said, "I have the sea inside a glass flower vase.
I have the stars on a necklace string, leather and light."

You said, "Oh, for the blue behind the moon;
the rain that never rains enough--
the silence--the ivory key--the night."

The etched leaves on the face of the flower vase
tell about your fingers on my skin.

And the necklace? Its silver clasp 
opens only once--releasing 
the lonely orderly stars...again.



Sioux said...

Congratulations on your poem in Write to Woof. What a way to honor Bosco!

TexWisGirl said...

quite sad, my dear.

Cloudia said...

" Its silver clasp
opens only once--releasing
the lonely orderly stars...again."
Alchemical wisdom at least!
Love that you related to B. C. Ching monkey and got to see him today

( '>

ALOHA from Honolulu,

Mama Zen said...

Every word of this is perfect.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Yes. It could not be more perfect!

Anonymous said...

Holy cats. Now THAT is a necklace! And isn't that what we spend the whole of our lives searching for? ~Even if we can only have it for a second. We just crave the ability to feel something real and deep and raw, even if it's just beyond our grasp, even if it's too slippery to hold onto.

At the same time, maybe you're saying that this person has the power to make you get completely naked and the necklace is the last "article of clothing" to go. Once that clasp comes undone, all bets are off. You can only contain yourself for so long, and once you let go, there's no putting you, or the stars, back in place. Although, you do intentionally contradict yourself at the end. You say it opens only once ... again. So maybe this is some crazy-rare kind of love where you keep experiencing that intense magic of first falling in love over and over again.

I'm totally rambling. Sorry.

This is my favorite part:
"the rain that never rains enough--
the silence--the ivory key--the night."

I do want to know which constellation you've captured. And also, because you have both the stars and the water, it makes me think you have the stars and their reflection stored away. Like, you and your beloved are the only ones who know your story completely and accurately.

Love the rhymes:

I also think you are describing your real self in the last line. This magical necklace you wear is a grand illusion, a fantasy. But in the end, you feel like you're following a script in your day-to-day life.

Now the glass in the title makes me think of looking in a mirror, seeing the constellation behind you as a reflection, perhaps representing your past. But maybe it keeps replaying.

Gorgeous, regardless.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Absolutely amazing poem, so personal and yet with the artistic beauty that allows others to admire it from afar.

blogoratti said...

Congrats and what lovely piece!

hedgewitch said...
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hedgewitch said...

I really don't have the words for this, Shay. One of your best, is all I can say.