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Saturday, April 21, 2018

This Is The Last Poem I Will Ever Write (yayyy!) Oh No I've Changed My Mind Again (booo!) Good Night & Thank You.


I made it through day 20 of

non-dairy nano neener or whatever,

and now I need to 
 attend to important retiree shit.

^^^(not a poem)

I want my mornings back.  I need to binge watch something and eat ice cream out of the carton with my hands. I need to sing "Puff The Magic Dragon" in a heavy German accent. I need to look up Roger Freed's career batting average, and how to make a bundt cake and then not make a bundt cake.

I need to put my feet on the back of the couch
with my head off the edge and my tongue hanging out
while watching "Alice" reruns.

I need to ask Zacky Peanut "Who's a good boy?!?!"  
(Zacky Peanut is!)

I need to blast the stereo.

 I cannot brain today.

I have the dumb.



  1. I feel you! I have revelled in a few days off, but counting back this morning, I find that I have written 22 poems (counting those done in parts as separate parts) so... take a break but I'll be looking for you to catch up.


  2. I'm really not too sure this isn't a poem, but we who did not even attempt such a feat this year salute you for your effort. You have written some amazing stuff.

  3. My favourite read of the day. I totally relate. Heading home today through the mountains. Then i can resume important Retiree shit too.

  4. Yes you have been on fire. But I understand about the retiree shit. I need to climb a tree. I need to watch cartoons. I need to make a peach cobbler and eat it all while I binge watch the season of GOT...i need to write another fictional poem about Oscar Wilde or Dorian Grey...come on girlfriend. We can do this...only 9 more days...hang in there

  5. I agree with Hedge.. this is very close to haibun.


  6. Ha ha...I have the dumb is so funny. Why not just throw out a few Haiku...they only take seconds and....oh....wait ;)

  7. I need to sing "Puff The Magic Dragon" in a heavy German accent.

    cannI cann cannI croonnnnnnn with you? pulllllllllllease???

    roflmao - and I cant get up, can't get it up, not that I have boy toy "junk" or anything to allow for such endeavours to begin with, but maybe that's fodder for a poem?

    valiant efforts deserve the rich rewards of "nap time" - it's now kindergarten and we can put our heads down and out ........

    so s'exuse me while I kiss the sky (no guys available) and take a breath or ten for awhile ....

    in considerate and respectful absentia ....

    rest well, enjoy the finally better weather, loll with Zacky Peanut and I'll catch ya on the flip side ...

    by the way, your non-poem is a poem .... (you can run, but you can't hide from the words)

  8. Ah, my dear FB. Can I be retired with you and watch "Alice" reruns on the couch and while I can research any kind of baseball stats, I'll stick with baseball for at least two innings. I don't get to retire for another 5 years, so I can't keep thinking about it. Loved this tho, la la Mosk

  9. I cannot brain today. // I have the dumb.



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