Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Installment

At the Elizabeth Hitchens Maximum Security Facility For Women in Coldwater, Michigan,

Inmate #52759 receives a visitor

At four in the morning.

This visitor is not designated on any roster of friends and family, nor is her visit sanctioned by any overseeing authority.

She is a succubus.

She enters sleepers' dreams.

She has sex with them.

She steals their souls.

She has come to see Chloe.

The cell block is as silent as a spider's web.

The succubus drifts between the bars and in.

It is rare to hear the voice of a startled mythical demon.

"Jesus Christ on a motor bike!" says the succubus. "You scared me!"

Chloe is sitting wide awake on the top bunk,

Her eyes as steady and bright as a child's.

"Hola, chica," she says.

"Wow, you should wear a bell around your neck, girl, you about gave me a heart attack. You could at least say you're sorry."

"You sound like the Judge," Chloe replies coolly. "The actions of this wicked girl...yadda yadda. Who has never shown the slightest remorse for her evil act."

The succubus searches in her shoulder bag for something and mutters, "Yeah, I get that all the time, too. Damn, forgot my smokes. Listen, Bo Peep, why are you in here, anyway?"

"Duh. The doors are all locked."

The succubus finally finds her cigarettes and sits on the edge of the bunk to smoke. "Look, sugar pea. Since I quit selling real estate, I'm a little short. I need a roommate. What d'you think? Share an apartment together, get a cat or something?"

"Would there be smoke alarms?" asks Chloe.

"Pfffft, no way, I set those things off just by walking in the door. They set my teeth on edge, I won't have one in my place. I'm all about serenity and shit. So, how about it?"

Chloe shrugs. "Sure."

The guard in his little plexiglass booth had fallen asleep. He began to have the most remarkable dream. He thought he was touching Jody Reigelberger's nipple, but it was really the button that releases the cell block doors. Then his heart stopped. "It's almost too easy," thinks the succubus.

Before they go apartment hunting, the girls stop at the Danny's across from the golf course for some breakfast. The manager is new in town, with a nice place he's rented all for himself, right near work. He just got this job, and at first he thinks it must be his lucky day when the two hot babes walk in and give him the smoky eye.

"You from around here?" asks the dark one. The younger one is silent, but he almost drops their menus when she looks straight at him and licks her lips.



Mama Zen said...

And, the adventure begins!

Danny's has got to be the most happening place in town. I really want to go to Danny's.

Shadow said...

this is cool, i like it. must be my evil twin, heee heee heee

Scarlet said...

Don't tell me...Chloe is the one who licks her lips. Of course she is; she hasn't been out in months!

Pouty Lips said...

How ironic that young Chloe gets a mentor. If you don't watch out, everyone's going to know you are freaking genius.

Fireblossom said...

Aw, let's go some time, Mama Zen! Can't tomorrow, though, I have to go to the book store and buy "The Mighty Queens of Freeville"!

oOo what a laugh, Shadow! ;-)

LOL Scarlet, that's a no-brainer I guess! Hehe.

Pouty, I'm just a simple washerwoman. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I believe I am hooked into this saga. This one is thick with innuendo and tons of action, too. However, every time you write of Danny's, I can't help but think of Denny's (the chain restaurant.) Denny's was one of my favorites.

By the way, I waved as I flew through Michigan ;)

Riot Kitty said...

Have you read The Keep by Jennifer Egan? This totally reminds me of it. (Very good.)

Tootsie said... are one talented lady! I love it! Thanks for the visit today...I am certainly coming back for more!
hope you don't mind I added myself to your followers list!

Riot Kitty said...

Hey! Yes I still love you! Why did you think I was mad?

Jannie Funster said...

I really like these evil strumpet tales. They could certainly be woven into a fine dark movie.

T said...

Oh this is fun, a little evil, dirty, yet a tad innocent I think;)