Black Bird Heart

Black bird heart

Black bread dreams

It rains on the river

By the dark oak trees.

Small sweet hands.

Do close work best

By candle light

And cedar chest.

Hammer and hunter

And preacher in a cart

Devil and deer

Where the dark oaks start.

Candle and crow

And the blackbird's call

Midwife silent

When she burns the caul.

Small hands still

And the river won't tell

Just the blackbird's cry

And the funeral bell.

In the blackbird night

Where the devil runs free

The preacher man hangs

From a dark oak tree.



Maude Lynn said…
Wow. I can't even come up with a decent comment to convey how cool this is. Honestly.
Riot Kitty said…
Eek. Very eery and cool.
Riot Kitty said…
hey! Where did your meme go?
Shadow said…
johnny cash should sing this!!!!
Scarlet said…

Well done!
Fireblossom said…
Fanks, Mama Zen. ;-)

It's ok Kitty, I'll save ya! (yeah right, YOU're the one with the flamethrower!) As for the meme, er, blackbirds carried it off?

He should, Shadow. Except for the being dead part. But that might just fit right in with this. ;-)

Thanks, Scarlet. :-)
Daryl said…
Not Johnny Cash .. its definitely a woman's voice .. more early Joni Mitchell
Just like I like my Fireblossom poety; dark, mysterious, and manipulable for my own devices. I hear Kozmic blues sung by Janis in this masterpiece.
Fireblossom said…
Daryl, I like the way you think. Something along the lines of her "Nathan Lafraniere."

You got dem ole kozmic blues again, Pouty? Love that cd, it has always been a big favorite of mine.
Jannie Funster said…
Someone died and I'm not sure who but it doesn't really matter. These images are some of the best I've ever felt.
Pinkerbell said…
Strikingly simple verses on first glance, but pleasantly complicated to work out the meaning behind it all. I do like to work out the meaning to things, or I give my own (either way it makes the poetry just as enjoyable) Did you have a story to tell exactly or is it more about the imagery?
Fireblossom said…
ooo, Jannie, some of the best you've ever felt. I like the way you put that! Thanks Tex!

Welcome to Word Garden, Pinkerbell! There's a story as I see it, but I'll stop short of saying what I had in mind. I like the fact that everyone can come to their own conclusion. I did purposely leave it suggested, rather than spelled out.
Pinkerbell said…
Oh I'm terribly nosey you see - but I won't suggest what I thought as I don't want to ruin your intention (and I have a unique logic as I'm told many times). I'd like to stroll in your garden here sometimes... :-)
Anonymous said…
This is the third one I have commented on of yours, although I have been reading nearly all.Why? Because you have a way of grabing the reader 'by the balls' and make them sit back and soak in your words. I really like how you say things, you and the way you say them.
Now I must go do some work!