Valentina flubs her lines.

The little weasel director crawls out of the drain and gives her shit for it.

And she knows--

The way that birds know north,

That the entire picture is shit,

That she shouldn't be there,

But there are bills to pay

And so there she is.

That night, she strokes her lover's ribs.

Up close, the stripes are like rain down a window glass,

And when he smiles at her,

The great cruel teeth seem almost like peppermint candies.

It isn't easy for her, though all her girlfriends are faint with envy.

Every morning, the bedding is in shreds,

And his golden eyes are so intense

That she stumbles into the shower feeling scorched from the inside out.

She likes to lay her face on his fur where it is white,

Like the pillows on her canopy bed when she was a girl.

She knows

That he will not always stay with her;

And she knows

That he is changing her

Even as they lay together

Breathing in.

Breathing out.

Valentina flubs her lines.

She is supposed to be saying something about childhood, it is her character's big expository scene,

But her mind is on her lover, and how his arms are so strong that a single touch could shift her from bones to fingertips--

That he can rip her open just by padding up the stairs,

And oh, how graceful,

How lethal

Is his leap.

Valentina knows the entire picture is shit,

And that she shouldn't be there.

The little weasel director is in an unholy panic,

He calls her a stupid bitch

But she stops him with a smile

And his throat opens to her tangerine-polished nails

Just like a sinner finding God.



Anonymous said…
I think you might be brilliant.
I agree with Kristin H. I can't top that and I won't even try.
Maude Lynn said…
And, I am absolutely sure that you are brilliant.

"Just like a sinner finding God."

Damn, I love that line!
T said…
I am mesmerized with this. That was deep. You are much more then brilliant.
Jannie Funster said…
Wow, a young girl in the movie biz, eh? Glad I was never pretty enough to go that route.
Scarlet said…
Valentina might flub her lines, but she can stop the weasel with a smile.

You gotta love Valentina. ;)
Riot Kitty said…
Tag! See my blog for details.
Shadow said…
yes, in total agreement with the 'brilliant' verdict!
Anonymous said…
I love the picture. She's lovely.

I also love the poem - it makes me glad I didn't go the show biz route.

(My mom wanted me to be a happy cheerleader like ALL of my older sister - I grew up to be an engineer. Now she's annoyed because I send my days chasing my kid instead of a big promotion.)
Fireblossom said…
Wow, thanks ladies. There's my ego boost for the month! This poem had the humblest of beginnings: I happened to think of the word "flub", which i had not heard in ages, and I thought, I should work that into a poem somehow. But once I got started, I felt like I was in Valentina's skin, she and her tiger lover ended up meaning a lot to me. Again, thank you all so much for the extremely kind comments. I love you all.
Riot Kitty said…
I haven't forgotten about scary clown!

BTW, I am 11.5 yrs sober, too. Are you my long lost twin?
Fireblossom said…
I so effin am, RK!
Kelly said…
o.m.g - this reminds me of when i am in a meeting, and i know i am going to say something, err... well i am going to fluff my lines, coz i've been somewhere much more delicious. A truly perfect poem...*kisses each word delicately in appreciation*
Fireblossom said…
Thanks, K, I am pretty proud of this one. Glad you liked it, too. Those mental sidetrips are nice, aren't they?
Anonymous said…
Amazing words :3 I am deeply captured within this poem too =P
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Yes, you are. Brilliant. Your mind must be a wicked awesome place to hang out. I loved this tale, loved "how lethal is his leap". I am wowed. I didnt know such poetry existed, it is mind-blowing. I love how YOU have leaped right out of the frame into your own genre.......publish publish publish! The world awaits!
signed...bkm said…
Agree with all the above...and with should publish...I love the last line .."just like a sinner finding God"...following the "unholy panic"...bkm
Kerry O'Connor said…
Magical realism at its very best. I was mesmerized from the first line. Brilliant narrative style.
Diane T said…
The most startling lines are the last few:

He calls her a stupid bitch

"But she stops him with a smile

And his throat opens to her tangerine-polished nails

Just like a sinner finding God."

I don't know if I care for the word 'shit' in poems, LOL. But I say it all the time. A most provocative. I wonder if Weasel will like it, LOL.
Mary said…
A strong and worthy poem
Anonymous said…
What a powerful and memorable piece of writing. Wonderful!
Carrie Van Horn said…
Shay there are so many wonderful lines in this poem!...I can see why it is one of your favorites. I think it is one of mine as well!
You are an amazing poet! :-)
hedgewitch said…
This is breathtaking in its odd juxtapositions-I don't mean in an OMG! type of way, I mean in the stop breathing because you're thinking too hard way. Your thought process is always original, but this one is exceptionally prismed in directions that alter preconceptions and lambast stereotypes. Glad I got a chance to read it.