Empty Rooms

( Daryl has inspired me this morning with her photo post "The Doors." Thanks, lady.)

Certain sorts of empty rooms are like a Sunday morning--

All that clear space like a deep breath taken

Then released like roses to a vase

When your lover's hand

Finds your hip

Under clean sheets

Under slanting light

When time cradles you like a pillow

And the only punishment for lingering

Shall be kisses

And soft words.

Certain sorts of empty rooms are endearing for what they don't contain--

All that easy air unstifled by

Successful husbands in golf shirts

Or wives hoarding secret thoughts as close as shivs;

Well established respectable families so entrenched, they couldn't be dynamited out

And who would deny the concussion

If it came.

Empty rooms

Are like a first kiss

Empty rooms

Are like a close death

Empty rooms

Are at the command of every fingertip--

Sleep late

Skip church;

If you've loved faith,

You carry hope

Into each empty room like a banner

Or a long-awaited, soft sweet-smelling child.



This is so magical I've read it a half a dozen times.
Maude Lynn said…
Shay, this is so lovely!
Scarlet said…
"...and the only punishment for lingering shall be kisses and soft words." Wow!
Shadow said…
wow, magical, breathtaking, in its simplicity and honesty. i love it!
Riot Kitty said…
Awwwwwwww! Very sweet.
Anonymous said…
Lovely poem.

I really enjoy reading your work.
Debbie said…
I had those long-awaited children. This was beautiful.
Daryl said…
Love it .. I am really feeling cool that my photo inspired your words .. since your words always make me 'see' things as well as feel them. xo
Jannie Funster said…
Jesus-Sweet-Holified-Mary. How the do you keep topping yourself? It must be a hard act to follow yourself.

Could you please send me your autograph before you completely forget I ever existed and there is only the aura of shiny people surronding you in your mansion on the hill?

Anonymous said…
I love this one.
Chris Never said…
"Empty rooms
Are like a first kiss
Empty rooms
Are like a close death"

Excellent thought, they are indeed, like both these things.
Pinkerbell said…
Hi, I like this poem, you have such a certain voice, every word is just right and conjures wonderful feelings as well as imagery. I seem to read your poems with a slightly dropped jaw, wondering how they can look so easy on the eye yet contain so much.
The music put me off slightly, but only when trying to make sure I got the precise meaning from reading your poem and I'm easily distracted!
Anonymous said…
Empty rooms *sigh* yes they are beautiful, especially the ones inside ones head.Good write, you.
Fireblossom said…
*blush* wow, thanks everyone.

Pink, you can turn the music off by scrolling down to the player and hitting the pause button. :-)
T said…
Empty rooms.... very lovely and thought provoking.