Scary Clown Award!

Time for the Scary Clown Award!!!

The Scary Clown Award is given to blogs which display a great sense of humor, and just the right leaven of attitude!

Fireblossom realizes that not all of you will clutch Scary Clown to your bosoms. But not all awards can be sweet. Saltiness must have its rewards as well, yes?

Here are the rules. Please follow them carefully.

1. There are no rules.

And now, without further ado, the first five recipients of the Scary Clown Award! I love you all. You all make me laugh. Bless your jaded little hearts.

Jannie Funster (Jannie Funster is probably too sweet to be on this list. But I couldn't leave her off of it. Scary Clown would have eaten me in my sleep.)


I am not making this up. I am sitting here after reading this and I am wiping tears from my laughing eye-lashes. This award is destined to become the most coveted award on the worldwide web! Who would NOT want a melting clown award?? This is absolutely delicious. I will proudly display my melting clown badge of humor on my site.

Thank you, Fireblossom.
Riot Kitty said…
Awesome! Thank you!
Shark Butt said…
Fangs very mutch!!!
your fiend, sharkbutt
Judith said…
Omigod. An award I'm relieved to not get. Not that I don't wish to be thought of as salty and funny, but I don't want that scary clown on my blog!
Jannie Funster said…
Holy cow! Holy cow! Holy cow! Holy cow!

Or is that supposed to be spelled "Holey" cow??

Me sweet - boy do I have you woodhinked. I mean hoodwinked.

I gratefully accept this marvelous honor and will place my award in my banana bowl.

Fireblossom said…
Yqw, Pouty. That clown cracks me up every time I look at it. I realize not everyone will have that reaction, but I'm glad that you do!

You're welcome, RK! :-)

Welcomeness, Sharkbutt!

That's why there are no rules with it, Vicarious. I knew that some folks won't want Clowny on their blog. But I'm still glad you came and commented!

Yes, Jannie, you do have me totally frognoggled. I believe you to be mucho sweet indeed. The banana bowl! Clown Man is livin' large!
Mama Zen said…
Consider it clutched to my bosom!

Thank you, Shay!
Anonymous said…
Oh my god.

That is the scariest awared I've seen.

I love it and I promise to check out the winners.
Shadow said…
what an excellent award. well done and congratulations!!! good recipients you picked too!
Debbie said…
I love the whole idea of this. And why does Scary Clown oddly remind me of Phoebe Buffet's Smelly Cat song from Friends?
Fireblossom said…
Hehe, I knew I could count on you, Mama Zen. ;-)

Isn't he creepy, K? Sort of funny-creepy though.

Thank you, Shadow!

LOL Debbie. Melty Clown and Smelly Cat went to sea in a lovely pea green boat? Nah, prolly not. ;-)
Fireblossom, I posted my acceptance speech for the Scary Clown Award. I thank the academy.
Jannie Funster said…
Is about 10 months too late to post this on my blog?

I thinks not!

Look for it Friday, January 22nd.

Yes, 2010.

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