(For G.)

When you were little,

Did you ever walk out in a summer field

In the morning?

Were you ever just a wet-sneakered girl

With your shins in the shadows of the tall grass

And your face loving the warmth of the early, angled sun?

Did you smell the earth,

Ponder a cloud,

Or discover a ladybug and hold her in your hand?

You knew that home would still be there behind you, later

When you were ready to go back.

You were not going to live among the grass stalks forever;

You were only a little girl

Wandering through a single day in June.

Sweet woman,

Long before these foundations were laid,

You were loved.

Do you ever wonder

Where is the one who cares?

Will they come?

Will they stay?

Will they not turn away again and leave?

It's just a summer day, Sugar.

You are here only for a while,

And home will still be there ahead of you, later

When you are ready to go back.


mac said…
I'm not G.
But, I really like this poem.

It's light and sweet and profound all at once :-)
steveroni said…
There is a place in Akron Ohio where, when you walk in the front door (after climbing the twelve steps from the sidewalk) one or two Peeps greet you with the meaningful words, "WELCOME HOME!"

It is every time a very spiritual moment, realizing there is ALWAYS home, no matter what.

A doctor used to live there named Bob.

Dunno why your lovely post made me think of that. Thank you S.

Kay said…
I know this is a tribute and I am positive there is a story...but the words are dear and hit straight to the heart... wonderful (as always) ;)
Riot Kitty said…
Ditto with Mac...reminds me of being little in MN.
who said…
I like your sense of humor. I hope you know that.

These gentle and more serious side to your writes

is also really good to hear
Dul├že ♥ said…
Even if I was G. I'd feel sad reading this...don't know why...
Unknown said…
Oh how I get this...I feel this in my soul, the wonderment of the feelings, the staying in the world of the ocean and never going home was always there, but it was not the home I thought. know. you are a soul twin to me indeed.

So much love this morning to you, thank you for making me feel alive again this Monday...

Mojo said…
Damn. I'm not G, but I kinda wish I were.

No, on second thought, strike the "kinda".

Yeah, I wonder... even though I know better. Some questions are best left alone.
Anonymous said…
That little girl inside me wonders all of those things on any given day. It's tough learning how to parent yourself, when you feel cheated in the first place. Thanks for this, Shay..

[I think I first linked here form either Lou or Cat.]
TALON said…
Beautiful, Shay. (I remember wet dew mornings and bare feet cuz I hated squelchy sneakers - lol)
Daryl said…
Lovely words ... alas Blogger is having photo issues today .. no pix on your blog :-(
Scarlett said…

We are all lucky if we have a home to return too.
Sara said…

This reminded me of my lazy summer days as a girl. I lived more or less in the country with lots of space for wandering.

I remember the wet grass, the warm lake, my dog and knowing a freedom I've never felt since that time. I remember running like a girl,but the natural one who was totally free of all expectations.

Thanks for this poem and the memory it evoked:~)
Oh man, it's good to be back. I really missed the way you string words together to knock my socks off.
Such a beautifully arranged piece here Shay....I loved every minute of it as the sun in pouring into my window....I wish I were back in the fields of summer...

I noticed you have another blog as well, but is private....must we ask to be invited or it is private for a reason? ;)

Love and cheers this Monday...
cinderkeys said…
I am not of a spiritual bent, and poems like this make me wish I were. It wouldn't be so bad, knowing we're only here in this summer day for a while, if I felt like there was a home to go back to when it was done. I can almost imagine what home would be like.
Anonymous said…
Yes I did! I believed that home would always be there waiting for me, but it was a childish belief...

Jannie Funster said…
Oh, my freaking god, this is the most beautiful poem EVER!!

Paul Nichols said…
That is an awesome photo. Terrific! Good job.
RachelW said…
I really like this poem. It reminds me of the delight we have in the world as children, and it makes me wonder where I lost it. I need to find it again.
Joanna Jenkins said…
"And home will still be there ahead of you, later When you are ready to go back."

That's such a great feeling-- knowing home will be there.

Thanks Shay. This is lovely.