We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident...

The young woman in the picture is Constance McMillen, an 18-year-old Mississippi high school student who wanted to take her girlfriend to the senior prom. She also wanted to wear a tux. When informed by the ACLU that refusing to allow her to do either of these things infringed on Ms. McMillen's rights, school officials cancelled the entire event, rather than let her bring whom she chose and to dress as she felt she wanted to.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men (sic) are created equal" and are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In America, a person is free to live their life as they feel called to do, unless, of course, they are gay. Then they are not quite so equal. Then they may not marry. Then they may not walk down the street holding hands with the one they love, or they may be beaten up or killed. They may not take the person they care for most to their high school prom. They can't even stay home and try Eharmony, because, again, you have to want to meet someone of the opposite sex. 

Haven't we seen this movie before? Haven't we been told, from pulpits and every place else, that women aren't quite bright enough to be entrusted with the vote; that blacks need not apply at the State University; that there is always someone different from those doing the excluding, who needs to be kept out, or America will go to hell in a handbasket? 

It's wrong. It's vile. It makes me angry. Let the woman go to her prom, as herself, with the person she would most like to ask to be her date. As Bob Dylan sang, "It is not poison; you will not die." 

I admire Constance McMillen. One day, this may become a free country, with liberty and justice for all. But not yet. Not if you're gay.

(Just to say....a woman can look awfully good in a tuxedo. Just ask any Marlene Dietrich fan)


mac said…
I agree.

If this young lady wishes to take another young lady to her prom, who are we to stop her?
It's a basic human right to love who you wish to love, or it damn well should be.

And, she's a darned cute girl, too ;-)
Anonymous said…
I just saw this on CNN this afternoon!

You are right Shay, it's a violation of the pursuit of her happiness.

Ileana said…
So that's what this is all about...I've been seeing her face on Yahoo all day, but haven't had time to read her story. Sad, isn't it? :(

Love the Dietrich photo! Perfect for this post.
steveroni said…
Shay, please count on me to bloom with you on this.

But Peeps are Peeps, mostly good, some bad, everywhere, and always!


I was not always of my present politic, because of what several gays did to me many years ago QUITE against my will.....But a program of living, a way of life in sobriety has brought about many changes in this old head...HEAD?
Kay said…
rediculous? definately. to imagine they cancelled the whole thing...just sick! I went to prom one year with nothing but girlfriends, what's the difference? I would assume the 'making it a big deal' would be the difference. I would probably start a protest at that school and have everyone show up to school the next day cross dressed. hahahahaha shoot!

We just got same-sex marriages approved where I live; can't wait for that to go nation/world wide.

Way to put it out there. It needs to be heard.
Riot Kitty said…
Fuckers. This is truly the last bastion of the civil rights movement.

Speaking of which, I just signed up to be on the advisory committee for a local civil rights fundraiser.
Unknown said…
really? in this day in age, crap like this still goes on...I'd love to see the day some school or other power tries to tell my kid how to be in the world...

much love
Cloudia said…

Aloha from Hawaii my Poetess

Comfort Spiral
TALON said…
I read this article this morning and it made my blood boil. And, while said blood was still boiling, I had a very heated debate with someone who felt that it is just WRONG for a girl to date a girl and really really wrong for a girl to want to wear a tuxedo to a prom. Yes, I had to count to about a hundred thousand to keep my head from blowing off.
ellen abbott said…
A shame that those attitudes still hold sway. And really, canceling the whole thing to keep one person out? The whole student body should protest against the school administration.
Joanna Jenkins said…
Oophs, Blogger ate my comment.....

I said--

I saw this lovely girl interviewed on tv and said out loud--WTF!?!?!?!?!

Shame on that school.

cinderkeys said…
Clever. By canceling the whole event, the school potentially gets everyone mad at Constance. "Look, kids. You could have gone to prom if that lesbian over there hadn't ruined it for everyone."

Here's hoping the kids are smarter than that.
who said…
it will eventually come back to bite them. Too many people seem to want to know if orientation is a choice or not before they take a stance.
It doesn't matter, forcing someone else to forgo their part the way they feel works for them is wrong.

Love is Love.

being a bigot is the real evil.

there is no wrong Love
and no right bigotry

if it's wrong it's not love
the red flag of bigotry screams "my blind heart thinks with an evil mind so i cannot be right about anything"

at all times
Shadow said…
why does everything have to become such a big issue these days. live and let live i say!
Vesper said…
How ridiculous! To cancel the whole prom because of that! How afraid can those people be?
Jannie Funster said…
Okay, so that school need a good kick in the ass. Ridiculous. Geez.
Maude Lynn said…
This makes me so angry.
Harvey said…
It seems noteworthy to me that this took place in the heart (or should I say depths) of the Bible belt. The real issue here is not freedom or tolerance! It be sin, brother (and oh yes sisters too)!! The Bible condemns such atheistic, devil worshipping behavior, because it threatens the family and is an abomination in the sight of the Lord!! Praise Jesus!! Who, we know, would disappove of any such behavior by a woman (especially an attractive young one) that deviated from whatever was being preached from a pulpit in His name!! Surely, if you ask yourself WWJD? you know He would praise the school board for having kept this young sinner from contaminating all the rest of the children with her openly sinfull behavior. Remember, He tells us to love our neighbors as we do ourselves!!
Sara said…
Shay -- Prejudice is a very unfortunate part of life. People have a need to keep fences around the boundaries of what's considered socially acceptable.

Then again, those very fences will always create a CHALLENGE for other people to come and break the fences down to allow for more room:~)

This post also makes me think of a favorite quote: "I think there's just one kind of folks. Folks. ~ Harper Lee, from To Kill a Mockingbird:~)
The deep south seems to be truly stuck in old prejudice ways.
I am not surprised - just pissed right off.
HOWEVER,this story is getting world wide attention because it is so anti-gay.And as the world moves forward to becoming far more accepting and loving of homosexuality,
it won't stand in silence anymore to stories like these.So to me,
THAT is progress.I take my hat off to this lovely young lady for wanting to take her girlfriend to the prom :)

You wrote a good post here..
Love that picture too Fireblossom.

lady macleod said…
well said! If we can get more love into this world filled with violence and hate is that not a GOOD IDEA?