Thousands Die In Quake

They are both survivors--
One of a man and religion,
The other of a girlfriend's fists.
I know that
Summer ends,
And it ends like this:
Diane and Cindy
Are calling it quits.

Life pushes hard,
People die;
Bills go unpaid,
But the thing is, I
Always felt like, as long as
Cindy's head was on Diane's shoulder,
The world could get
Crueler, grayer, colder,
And there was still one thing to count on
That wouldn't go bad,
That wouldn't be gone.

Tonight I found out
That Cindy's moved out,
And that just makes the world seem bitter and fake--
The tv news says,
"Thousands die in quake."
I believe it,
Because tonight I could feel it tremble;
Tonight I felt it


Cloudia said…
You are a poem!

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend

Comfort Spiral
mac said…
You've gone and done it again! You've made me examine parts of myself I have been avoiding.

When my 16 year marriage collapsed, my 25 year old step-son told me something like this poem (though not as eloquently). He said, "If you and Mom split, what chance do we have?"

I cried that day. Not because of my lost love, it had been dead for a while. I cried for what I had made him see... We are all so fragile.
steveroni said…
Trembling and Shaking, we really, finally know loss--when we finally have lost...

Shay, you are one-of-a-kind, having a most singular, unique connection in communicating with your numerous readers/friends.

My own words seem to me utterly insignificant alongside the posts of so many here.

But I readily accept your gifts here, as you share so freely of your talents. I am whelmed!

Anonymous said…
I guess no one really knows what really goes on within a relationship.
Riot Kitty said…
I don't think I can express it better than Nac and Steve E. It's so true - some relationships seem like bedrock, and that counts for more than we think of until they come apart.
Anonymous said…
Very sad, gives meaning and reality to the phrase "earthshaking news" which is how it feels when our part of the world cracks apart...

Always so good!

Shadow said…
such is the nature of a shock...
ellen abbott said…
Oh Shay. Just...oh.
Holland said…
A very sensitive and beautiful use of words to describe this emotion. Thank you for sharing this.
Ileana said…
Moving. Emotional. Raw. I love it, Chica!!
Unknown said…
As I get older and the world feels more fragile to my heart I too wonder what it takes for people to just be okay with that one thing...Love.

What must we become, why must we contort ourselves into shapes we no longer recognize in order to be and find love.

Shay, as always amazing, as always beautiful,much like you and your spirit.

I truly get this and have felt the quake and the trembles of the earth.
Mama Zen said…
I really, really like this, Shay!

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