Save Fireblossom!!!

Well. This is awkward.

Fireblossom is slipping. Oh yes, it's simply the sad truth. Remember all the wonderful soulful poetry? Pretty good, yeah? Maybe you've noticed that she's stopped with all that and now writes about Babar the Elephant, and French Jesus and stuff. Sad. It's just sad. 

There is a reason for this slippage, this flailing in the waters of words. Fireblossom needs a Muse. 

Oh, I'm sure you remember the last Muse. Miss B Word.

No need to ever mention HER again.

But her departure has left things a bit slow around the Olde Poetry Factorie.

Don't you agree that Fireblossom would look better as shown below? (FB on the left, Muse on the right)

So, I'm swallowing my pride and asking. Feel like a career change? Are you the one to inspire the Poet and change her from this:

To this?

If this sounds like you, please apply at the Fireblossom Poetry Factorie, Detroit, Michigan. Payment in poems. Gratitude included. Generous benefits. Some holidays off.


Ileana said…
For someone who's lost her muse she still has a lot of imagination and creativity left inside of her...and I know FOR A FACT she will never lose her style!

PS - Who's interviewing??
steveroni said…
Could you use an old man to straighten up and sweep the place? Maybe 31 hours a week, so benefits not needed (except the ones mentioned in your post).

I'm clean, sober, friendly, with sense of humor--well, not TOO clean!

I'd like to work from home in the winter, though. Will that be a problem. Also I have HUNDREDS of wild stories floating around my brain--most of them true.

Shay--YOU are GoooooD!!!!!
Cloudia said…
hadn't noticed a diminution of poetry... you are doing important invisible work right now. You will rise again like a Phoenix from Arizona!

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

Comfort Spiral
Jinksy said…
Muses come and muses go;
let who will, depart.
Soon must come a different one,
to energise your heart!
Anonymous said…
I only want to hear from you, whatever you have. If I need to wait, I'll wait for as long as it takes. You are the genuine article. (no pun intended, of course...)

Marion said…
When my muse takes an extended vacation, I replace her with MUSic. Or I read a great book or poetry. It often works. If not, I spring clean those filthy corners I ignored while writing. Tee-Hee. That ALWAYS works because my muse hates to see me doing mundane housework. Good luck. Blessings!
Joanna Jenkins said…
Sorry FB, I got nothing.... But it sure looks to me like your writing is as fabulous as ever.

Hang in there.
mac said…
Well, I'm afraid I don't look much like the image you've given us.

Though, I would gladly accept either left or right.
Angel or Devil, I can be good or bad, or be very good at being bad.
RachelW said…
Oh yeah. You are still inspired, even if it isn't coming out in love poetry. This whole post is inspired.
Riot Kitty said…
I'll send Joan Jett to your house asap, Twin!
I think a muse would only dilute your magic. Wonderful as always.
Unknown said…
OH muse, oh muse, allow me to open my heart to you and allow me to feel your love yoru languidness of body, lithness of spirit...she will find you as you rest your head on the shoulders of those who love and care...we will always be here...near you, we will all be here.

Know that your poems are amazing, muse or no you will always be an amazing poetess no matter what you write...

you are now free and the muse will be free to find you..enjoy the mystery while you can.

Love you
TALON said…
I think you purely and simply wore out your muse. But it's okay, she'll be bouncing back in no time. She just needs a little rest and relax time. She's probably already getting bored and will be back before you know it.

And, hey!, I liked your Babar poem! And French Jesus!
Anonymous said…
Can I borrow her if you find a new muse?

I need a little more spice in my life too.

Good luck (and I like all your recent poems).
cinderkeys said…
I guess I haven't seen any of your Miss B Word-inspired poems. If this is what you do with no muse at all, I'd say you're fine.

"Don't wait for the muse. She has a lousy work ethic. Writers just write." ~Barbara Kingsolver
who said…
What exactly does being a muse entail?
Mama Zen said…
Me and the Muse are down at Danny's. What's keeping you?
steveroni said…
Hey I just got an idea (ideas are usually baaaad, for me!) that I cannot of course BE your muse, but maybe I could AMUSE???

OMG! Ohhhh! I can picture my dream tonight (maybe a reality-dream??): ME, in a huge cooking pot being stirred along with eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog, etc., etc.

PLEEESE do not be offended, Shay!
Shadow said…
i think you've still got IT. but if you find another one, send her twin to me. me mind's on a bit of a holiday itself....
Daryl said…
Muses are flakes ... inspiration needs to come from something less or more .. I am not sure
G. B. Miller said…
A muse is a muse.

You should make sure that you get two (like I do). That way, if one falters, you'll still have another one to inspire you to great heights of creativity.

Muse is as muse does...

*raises hand*

Job sounds GREAT. ;) Should I add muse to my resume'?

Unknown said…
I agree with G. When you become bemused with one muse then you have a spare.

You are brilliant. That much I am know for sure.
ellen abbott said…
How did I miss this?! What the hell was I doing this day? I suppose the job has been filled by now. Drat.

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