Do any of you watch the television show "Mercy" on Wednesday nights at 8 o'clock on NBC? I just discovered it about a month ago, and I'm hooked. It's about the lives of three nurses who work at Mercy Hospital. The show has a pleasing mix of serious and silly storylines.

Will any of my readers be surprised if I begin with the phrase, "There's this woman..."? LOL. Thought not. And the woman is the character Veronica, played by actress Taylor Schilling.

Veronica likes to bend the rules, but not just because. She bends them when they are in the way of what she thinks needs to be done for one of her patients. She isn't always right, but she can never be accused of not caring. She's passionate about what she does.

Also, she is in early sobriety, and so you know I am pulling for her all the way, to stay that way. Go, woman! One day at a time! You can do it because you're worth it! Rah rah! Oops, er, sorry, but I reallyyyyy like this character. Oh, you say you got that? Cool!

And...she seems to be unlucky in love. Mister Handsome Doctor kicked her to the curb last night because, well, y'see, she might have had to tell him just the teensiest little fib, and he found out, and he huffed and he puffed and he blew her hopes down. The cad. That's my girl he left standing on the sidewalk like that. Who does he think he is? C'mon honey, you can do better. Let's go get some chocolate. 

All right, now I have to confess a tiny smidgen of a resentment. The woman looks TDF in scrubs, with her hair clipped up, at the end of a kazillion hour shift. It isn't right. By the way, still pictures don't do her justice. It's something about the way expressions animate her face and about just how "her" she is. 

So, all of you are invited to my house every Wednesday to watch her on "Mercy." But I warn you. I tend to punctuate my viewing with swooning cries of "Oh my god, she's sooooooooooo beautiful, I'm SO in love with her. The woman is on fire!" Um, I'm just, you know, reviewing as I go. For everyone's benefit. Okayyy, I better go now. *clears throat, fixes hair, walks away briskly*


*comes back*

A week ago was my second blogoversary. I was having my Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown and forgot to mention it. Now I'm mentioning it.

*tosses hair and walks away again*


Vesper said…
I just LOVE your review, Shay! Yep, the passion is all there... :-)
Shadow said…
aaaah, enjoy the show. as you quite obviously do! can't say i know it though... will keep on looking. maybe it'll hit these shores soon.
mac said…
I might just have to turn on my TV.
Kay said…
Love, love, love that top picture in the locker room, something about it just says, 'I'm it, yeah, so what?' "it" being a powerful, driven, sexy, confident master-mind...

As for the show.... awww... no tv here (perhaps I'll be on my way over next week) ;)

congrats on the blogoversary! Can't wait for two more!

well, I'm tossing my hair, checking my lips and walking out the door to conquer the world! Have a great day!
ellen abbott said…
Don't watch TV much. especially at night. Now daytime? I'm all over that. Working in the shop with the soaps on. Will Sonny kill Ethan for beating up his daughter Christina before she finally confesses it wasn't Ethan at all but her boyfriend Keifer?
Mojo said…
Not big on television myself. Outside of maybe the news and some syndicated re-runs that I know from memory while I'm eating dinner if it's not hockey season I couldn't even tell you for sure if my TV is in working order.

But I have to say I admire your good taste.
Scarlett said…
Makes me want to watch the show. I think a little harmless fun is good for the soul.

Congrats on two years. Very impressive.
TALON said…
Congrats on your two year blogoversary, Shay! Looking forward to many many more years of your beautiful words.

Don't know the show, but your review is making me want to take a peek!
steveroni said…
The story of my life--you just toss the hair and walk away (again). Well that is NOT true, but the picture so vivid.

I visualize you, tossing your hair, as you walk through the door of an (upscale, of course!) Coffee Shoppe to spend an hour and a couple espressos-maybe some chocolate-with an old man named Steve. It would be an honor!
Daryl said…
Sorry, but this is on at the same time something else is on ... and my TV show dance card is full ...maybe during summer reruns ...
Unknown said…
Congratulations on the blogoversary!!! That is an accomplishment!!!

I will now have to go and find this show on HULU and catch up...I've not heard of it so now I'll have to oohhh and ahhh with my oggles on Wednesdays!

Thanks for the TV Tip, if you ever tire of poetry (*gasp*) you can always write lovely TV reviews :-)

Love ya
Riot Kitty said…
I got the Stones reference!
Happy blog-o-versary, Twin :)
Anonymous said…
I will have to check it out. I used to watch all of the hospital shows, but now I mostly watch the "real" ones on Discovery where you can really see all the blood and guts and not all the drama! I like "Grey's Anatomy" but even that one is getting too drama-y for me. Hey I was having my nineteenth last week too! Whew, glad that is over.
Ileana said…
Chocolate to you is like espresso or red wine to of the best things to share with a friend (or a woman who is on FIRE)! ;)

♫ Happy Second Blogoversary to you...♪
Cloudia said…
love that toss!

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend

Comfort Spiral
Anonymous said…
"She isn't always right, but she can never be accused of not caring."

I like that! Maybe I will have to check it out. But I often refrain from watching medical shows, lest my latent hypochondria kicks in and I start believing I have whatever the patient has.

Happy two years! That's quite an accomplishment.
Mama Zen said…
I've been kind of getting into this show, too.

Happy late blogoversary!
Anonymous said…
We love that show too, at 8pm every Weds I am always watching it.
I am disappointed every time she takes a drink, I always wanted it to be the real beginning for her.

Margaret said…
My fix is "Sleepy Hollow" - Tom Mison's Ichabod Crane has me repeating many of your sounds and words :)

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