Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Next Time

Next time, just

Set the cat outside;

You don't need to skin it

And hang the hide.

Next time, just say,

"I'd rather not."

You needn't show off

That aim you've got.

Tighten the coil on those old dry bones,

Those heartless fucks

Who left you alone;

Wrap the rope, kick the stool,

Hang those sods

And their golden rule.

Rich man, poor man,

Beggar man, thief,

Til they know you

They don't know grief;

Black Narcissus,

Silver bell,

Horseshoe hung

On the gates of Hell.

Next time, try

Not to go so far,

Every door

Has bolt and bar;

Last time, this time,

Next time done--

There are not endless

Other ones.



Riot Kitty said...

Good lord that's dark!

nollyposh said...

GOOdneSS your ~words~ are both ~wonderful & *powerful* and i think i am now addicted & wait with baited breath for more... words X:-)

Jannie Funster said...

I think I get this blog now!!! You are Ani deFranco, anonymously. Why didn't I clue in earlier??

Pouty Lips said...

The first paragraph made me chuckle. I don't think I can fully explain why but it has to do with how I overreact and then later see that I should have kept it simple. Irony. Two darkly beautiful poems in a row.

Scarlet said...

Wonderfully dark, mysterious and somewhat of a warning, I think. I could be wrong...but I'm not wrong about the way it makes me feel.


Anonymous said...

This one is dark, but I like it.

I do think it sounds like a warning.

T said...

This one was so dark it gave me chills. I too feel a warning in there.

I liked it too.

Shadow said...

dark may be, but i could actually hear you rattling off the words here.

Daryl said...

Dark? Not so much. Deep? Very. Images ... many

Mama Zen said...

Oh, I love the way you say "fuck you!"

A very nicely done rant.

Fireblossom said...

Why thank you, Mama Zen! ;-)

I loved everybody's comments, thanks so much. :-)

Zerilda The Superfluous Blogger said...

It is with regret that I inform you that this time I *did* put the cat outside. However, there was a brush fire started from the forest across the street. Your cat died trying to save three toddlers. Unfortunately, they were evil toddlers who not only delighted in the death of the feline, but then went on to torch a petrol station. This was bad enough of itself. But it was situated next to a home for underprivileged celebrity pets. Naturally, Lindsey Lohan is now in mourning at the loss of her pet hamster.

Part of her mourning process was to get her semi-automatic pistol out of her apron (she wears an apron around the house. nothing but.) and go "Uyesugi" on the entire staff of PetSmart, the pet store down the street.

I can't help but think it was partly my fault. Terribly sorry about the loss. I will send you a new cat next week.

[This was a beautiful poem. I read it several times, and yes, this was the best comment I could do. I am trapped under something heavy - the bulk of the object is balanced on my left parietal lobe, which is where I prefer to do all my thinking.]

Anonymous said...

I think this one might be my favorite.

Debbie said...

Even though this one is dark, I love it. So lyrical.

kim said...

"Next time, just say,

"I'd rather not."

You needn't show off

That aim you've got."

Tatoo? Bathroom mirror? Embroidered pillow?
It really should go somewhere prominent :o).

Gillian said...

That is super kick ass.
I loved it.
Very subtley powerful and all that.
Oh yes, be warned!!!