Thursday, March 5, 2009

Single White Succubus

(The succubus has fans. More succubus poems they say. Okie dokie artichokees!)

The succubus stops at Danny's coffee shop in the cool oyster morning.

Some guy is waving his arms and pontificating.

"When I was on 20/20..." he drones.

I'll send my mad friend the incubus to that guy's house tonight, she thinks, wrapping her beautiful fingers around a chipped mug filled with steaming tea.

The succubus is a working girl,

All night she enters the minds of sleepers wrapped up in their blankets like little human burritos.

Some of them sleep in pairs, as if they were earrings set on a dresser.

Just because I'm a succubus, she thinks,

Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to be asked out on a Saturday night.

Sometimes the most beautiful girls end up watching tv

In their bath robes

With a clicker, not a lover, at hand.

As if I would steal a date's spirit, she argues indignantly with a sugar packet.

Work is work, and love is love, and that's that.

She sighs.

I'm just tired, she tells herself.

She gazes out the window.

I'm really quite sweet, I think. Given a chance.

There is a businesswoman passing by the newspaper machines in front of Danny's.

She is chattering importantly on a cell phone,

Holding it the way peasants once held icons.

The guy in the booth behind her is still holding forth.

"When I was on The View..."

The succubus purses her lips and her eyes go as dark as bibles.

The businesswoman makes a face and stops dead in her tracks, looking at her cell phone as if it had just turned into a dog turd.

The man behind the succubus curses sharply.

Somehow, his hot coffee has been upset onto his big fat lap, interrupting his story about Good Morning America.

Well, darn.

Two women sitting together in the back start laughing.

The succubus feels appreciated.

It may not be such a bad day after all.



vicariousrising said...

Heh. This one is funny, dark funny. I like it.

I left you something on my blog. xoxox

T said...

All I can say, is "you make my day"!!:))

I found while reading your blog, if someone interrupts me, which is normally a dog, or an IM, I do get quite upset:)

No interruptions during *Shay* time!

Daryl said...

Love this .. eons ago in another life I worked reading scripts and one was about a succubus .. it was awesome, but never made it to film ..I did all I could but alas it wasnt to be .. now I wish I remembered the author's name ... she'd love this poem... I did

Mama Zen said...

The image of her eyes going dark as bibles is just gorgeous.

But, coffee does NOT lead to crack.

Pouty Lips said...

That photo is mesmerizing.

"As if I would steal a date's spirit, she argues indignantly with a sugar packet." This is a great line. And then I love the "Oh, darn" after the fat-blow-hard Rush Limbaugh type spills coffee on himself. Magnifique.

Shadow said...

i'd be laughing i'm sure, but help me out here.... what on EARTH is a succubus??????

Fireblossom said...

Thank you, Vicarious, for the Scribbler award!

Aw, T, your comment makes me feel good! :-)

Daryl, hello! I am sure she would! She sounds like a sister in spirit!

Are you sure, Mama Zen? Are you really really SURE? LOL!

Merci beaucoup, Pouty! I had actually been quite certain that Mama Zen would love that "well, darn" line. Shows what I know!

Oh, Shadow my friend, let me put on my sensible shoes and go into teaching mode! Traditionally, a succubus is a demon in the form of a sexy woman, who comes to men in their dreams and compels him to have sex with her. This coupling is so intense that it is said to sap the man of his strength, even unto death. An incubus is a similar demon in male form, who enters the dreams of women. But forget all that, we know better today. Succubi and incubi are simply hard-working folk who have a job to do. They may be gay or straight, and given a chance, they can (almost) be good (sometimes.) Strictly between us, my first sexual experience was with a succubus, and then my grades fell and I became a poet. I wish I'd gotten her number!

Scarlet said...

Your response to Shadow's comment made me forget my own thoughts. It's amazing...especially the last part. :)

Btw, I wonder if those dark demon eyes are what caused the guy's coffee to spill. I'm hoping they did.

Anonymous said...


Debbie said...

I loved this. But I really loved your response down in the comments about the definition of succubus. You wish you had gotten her number! You crack me up.

Riot Kitty said...

How do you do it? I have a lot of writer friends, and they'd all die to be able to be so talented and prolific. Do you submit to publishers and contests? If not, you should!

Jannie Funster said...

earring pairs A+

oyster morning A++

bible eyes A+++

What were you envionsioning with oyster morning? I just love it, whatever the hell it means.

Shadow said...

aaah, thank you for enlightening me....

Fireblossom said...

LOL, Scarlet, I think she may have been behind that mischief, yes. ;-)

Thanks, Kristin!

Where was my head, Debbie? Sheesh. :-D

I don't, RK. What I need is a manager! "Kid, ya got heart but write like an ape! What ya need is a managa!"

oOo, can I be in your class every year please, Miss Funster? I was just thinking of a damp grey morning.

My pleasure, Shadow. :-)

Lil Bit said...

I ♥ the succubus! - She & I need to go out dancing together. =)