Thursday, March 12, 2009

Raccoon Baby

Raccoon girl

Rattling the garbage

Prowling in the moon light

Living on the fine edge

Of morning and your endless love of night.

Raccoon girl

Sitting in a moon beam

Climbing on the wicker

Where your love was last seen

In trashy dreams and you lay dreaming with her.

Raccoon baby

Living by your sixth sense

Sneaking up the grapevine

Everything is present tense

With eyes like clever gypsies in a dark line.

Come, little bandit,

What's done is done.

My back door's open

And the






Pouty Lips said...

"Living on the fine edge of morning and your endless love of night."

This is beautiful poetry Blossom.

Shadow said...


Mama Zen said...

"Everything is present tense." That is just awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love this one - it's great.


Kelly Dickson said...

i love the poem, but can't think of what to comment, coz err... im mesmerised by the bee-stung lips in the picture and how i feel attitude even without seeing the eyes... like... she can smell whoever might be coming through the back door you left open. Nice to always feel welcomed
(p.s word today is blying!, bisexual lying? baloon flying?! blythly going?)

Daryl said...

Oh the images ... lovely ..

Riot Kitty said...

Mr RK used to live in a house with all kinds of plum trees in the back yard. He'd get woken up in the middle of the night because they'd throw the plums at the roof, in order for them to roll down into their pile for snacks. Pretty clever if you ask me.

Chris Never said...

A fine strong and ultimately, unique voice throughout this piece, I enjoyed Raccoon Baby very much

Scarlet said...


Fireblossom said...

Thank you, Miss Pouty. Did you know that I collect stuffed raccoons? S'true, I do.

Fannnnn cueeeeeeee! Hehe, Shadow, your comment made me laugh. :-)

Mama Zen, you always seem to pick out the lines I liked best myself. That one was a late addition. This poem went through a lot of rewrites, that stanza in particular.

Thank you, K. Have a great weekend!

Yep, K, she's got 'tude to spare, even thouhg you can't even see all of her face. She's on fire, if you ask me. Blying would be walking around the poopdeck, ordering Flethcher Christian around, of course. ;-)

Hi Daryl. :-) Thanks.

Yep, RK, the furry kind are clever little so and so's.

Thanks Chris Never, glad you liked!

*grins* Thanks, chica. :-)

T said...

Ohhhhh, very very sexy and seductive. This piece puts many images in my head.