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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fire Blossom's Day Off :-)

Fireblossom doesn't have anything poetic to say today. I'm waiting for inspiration to strike! :-)



  1. I suppose I should worry about YOU this time.

    I'd hate to come looking for you in the morning, only to discover you'd angered a deity with that picture and somehow disappeared ;-)

    Ever notice how the God character in the Bible is a bit of a misogynist ?

  2. Hey! I hope it comes back at the right time.

    I also hope you are feeling better and better... I am holding that cup of tea/coffee, sitting next to you... can't you see me?
    grasshopers and tigeresses never give in, or give up or whatever... they simply talk about it and eventually laugh about it as well.

    Love you! ;)

  3. Everybody needs a day off. Take two.

  4. Hi ShayBoscosFoodchik,
    When me waiting for the muse to show up, me fink happy thoughts about fitch. If fitch not work for you, fink about chocolate or espresso. Foodchik say them like fitch for foodchiks.
    have a happy day,
    your friend, Sharkbutt

  5. Here thanks for the laugh and here is also for the muses for they bring inspiration.
    I'm sending you my fondest wishes and warmest regards,

  6. Where do you find your images, Chica? lol

    PS - I'm at the part in Breaking Dawn (book four of the Twilight saga) where they talk about succubi. Guess who I thought of? ;)

  7. Days off are a good thing sometimes :)

  8. I once knew a tigress who ate a grasshopper.

    Something I have never learned yet, or never acted upon, was when I have nothing to say, well, keep my mouth shut.

    Brava for your decision to sit back and let it happen....


  9. nothing a little break cannot fix...

  10. I hope you enjoy your day off, but that pic honestly is hilarious! OMG you and I so some day must meet!
    Hope your creative muse visits soon!
    xo Gabi

  11. dream of the fleshy curves that rose to be lost in a cup of tea.

  12. That's not inspiration, honey, that's lightning . . .

  13. Gives new meaning to "come on baby light my fire."


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