Monday, December 7, 2009

The Magpie In Winter

It was the afternoon when snowflakes made a nest in your hair--

I slipped in;

I thought, I will be just another magpie!


You took out your compact and I recognized my reflection, as magpies will--

I was hiding in your hair,

My wings half fluffed;

And oh,

How warm and happy I was!

You pretended not to notice me there--

So kind...

How I loved you!



Tabitha Bird said...

gorgeous use of words fireblossom! Love the idea of hiding in someone's hair. I guess we all do that a bit.

Ily said...

I, too, love the hiding in the hair line. (Hairline...hahaha!) Get it, Chica?? :)

Seriously, it's beautiful, m' of the ones that make me smile.

Cloudia said...

You can hide in my hair anytime, Shay.

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Joanna Jenkins said...

This one made me smile. Thanks,

Kay said...

it's such a moving piece, but then to be in the past tense...? makes one sad :( i adore the thought process here

mac said...

Sweet Shay.

that's all I can say,


Shadow said...

a magpie in your hair. what an image. pure beauty!

Dulce said...

So sweet soft and the simile...perfect
Romantic and beautiful.
I love it ...only you can write like this...yep!
Sweet Hugs***

jack sender said...

good wacky love.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I woke up in the we hours of the morning last night with the song lyrics, "Pack up all my cares and woes, sing it high sing it low"...from "Bye Bye Blackbird". Now, I don't know what that means, (it's a really, really old song from the twenties), or just what those song lyrics have to do with your beautiful poem, but the Magpie is a blackbird, is it not?

Fireblossom said...

Elizabeth--actually, they are related to jays. Anyway, I do know that song! I rather like 20s music. Joe Cocker, of all people, did a really nice version of "Bye Bye Blackbird" some years ago. He did it as a blues, which, if you listen to the lyrics, it should be. :-)

~ Tabitha ~ said...

Ha.That was great !

Mama Zen said...

This feels sweet and warm.

Daryl said...

After several days of crazy time here at the office, its quiet enough for me to sneak in a little blog reading time and you are always at the top of my list!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

OMG can I PULEASE be the Magpie in your hair....Of course this post is magnificent, my geeked out love of all birds brings me the greatest joys of all!!!

xoxoxoxoxo Shay...much love to you!

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Fireblossom embers,


It was the afternoon when snowflakes made a nest in your hair--


what a hook.

What an ending, too.

In that past tense ending Tick Tock (the Alligator) swallowed up the hook and heart and head--the misery of time when it makes you run.

I do prefer Marvell's way, although that is harder to achieve when you are still looking back.

This is quite the heartbreaker, Fireblossom.

I hope you find some coal to stoke that fire and feed that flower. You burn brightly, true, and you release heat and light and lots of unseen things. Like UV and infra-red and maybe X-rays, certainly Y?-rays... but I would love to hear the crackle of fresh consumption and nest-building echoed in your world, reflected in your poems.

Don't get me wrong. I love this poem, and all of your poems. Or most of them. My heart just falls out, sometimes, when I hear the echoes...

Spring is just around the corner.

I promise.

It will come just after the blanketing silence of winter and the medicinal cooling of the heart's ardour.

Soon, I swear, it will be easier to just look ahead.

Safer too, 'cause there are still a few potholes in the roads these days.

Anyway, I have rambled far too much. And, seriously, what a gem. Of course I'd lose my way and scrabble around for a way to seize, and then thank you for, a gem such as this.


Vesper said...

How clever, and sweet... but I can feel a sadness.

Kelly Dickson said...

~chuckles, ;)

Pouty Lips said...

So there may be someone hiding under my Santa hat on my head? Cool.