Reanimated Lavender Granola Switchblade Nun rides again.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Sky and bells gray as rock doves' wings--

Solstice at twilight.

The heavy bronze and iron heads swing slowly in the cold

And what issues is not sound, but only snow and silence

Ever deepening.

Meet me at the Old Church--

Wear your hair down.

God will not mind.

I wait on the steps in my navy pea coat and white hat and gloves--

As if I were already nothing more than shadow and vapor.

I look for you, a dark red rose against the monochrome--

Mistress of all beauty, to me.

I have always loved you best

In the moment when the air turns freezing.

Can you see my breath?

My heart beats, and as it beats, I collect words from the air as if I were a morphined patient;

What issues is not even quite love anymore, but only loss and darkness

Ever deepening.



  1. The old church, the hair down...reminds me of better days when all was bright and merry.

  2. WHEEEOW (whistle). Another wonder from the FireBlossom.

    "I collect words from the air, as if I were a morphined patient."

    I can "see your breath!"

  3. Beautiful, sad, wintry. I wish it WAS the solstice, then it would start getting lighter :)

  4. This is one of my favorite ones yet! And that photo is great.

  5. Amiga!!!! This is terrific. So passionate and smooth at the same time
    I loved it!

  6. I could read this over and over again. Love the photo, kid.

  7. you make sadness so alluring...

  8. Oh love ever deepening, what an amazing sentiment to the solstice, the love, the wearing of hair down.
    Again the images go beyond any that you post dear Shay!
    xo Gabi

  9. As I read this, I swear that I felt time stop.

    Darkness beautiful.

  10. wow...i had to read twice (especially after following the funnies before hand)... great job at taking one right there in a melancholy sobering place, honesty so pure

  11. "I wait on the steps in my navy pea coat and white hat and gloves"
    - i'm getting myself this outfit! I know i should probably comment on the depth of the feeling in this poem, but all i can think about is how cool the white looks agains the blue and it has to be thick black socks and boots to go with the coat... *easily distracted*. I think i would stand on tippy toes and put my nose on your cold nose and stuffed my hands in your coat pockets... x


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