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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Galileo's Daughter

Galileo's daughter looks through a telescope at the stars.

To her, they seem very feminine--

She feels that she would like to dance with them

And make men weak-kneed with desire.

Galileo's daughter pauses next to a fountain and sees the stars reflected in the water.

To her, they seem like white horses drawing a carriage--

The carriage is night and she is riding in it,

Only to stop at a fountain so that she can look in.

Her father's friends call her "child" though she is twenty-two.

They set out their hearts like charts,

And like a latitudinal line,

She splits them.

Galileo's daughter lays on her back like a boy, determined to count the stars.

To her, they are like salt spilled across a cloth which then overturns into the oceans.

She steals a sextant and takes up life at sea, the shores of which are her skin.

All through the dog days, she plays Sirius to a series of lovers;

The boys won't last the summer,

But the girls sing rondeaux

And dance in the most beautiful arrangements

Beyond the ken of stunned scientists

At their instruments.

Art by Dante Rossetti


  1. Yeah! How DO you do it?!

    *Clap Clap*

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  2. The smart ladies without mercy? Magic it was really. Thanks for sharing.

  3. sounds like she has found her own self-play dough ;)

  4. Lovely. The title itself had me. :)

  5. you have taken me to a beautiful place...

  6. Just perfect. The kind of work I love from you my friend... How you do it they ask... SO easy for a goddess poetess!!!

  7. I have given you an award!

    Check it out below!!

  8. Ah this is where the myth/lore of the sirens comes from ..

  9. Definitely a star studded poem. :)

  10. Beautiful as always!

    Did you read the novel about his daughter that was popular a few years ago? Apparently, his actual daughter spent her life shut up in a nunnery. So sad.

  11. FireBlossom, I feel SO outclassed when I come to your blog, but I have to comment, even if just to let you know that.

    Thanks for allowing me glimpses into your world, that of writer extraordinaire!

  12. OK, I'll admit it.

    I came for the cute girl without a shirt.

    I stayed for the BEAUTIFUL words written below her.

    I commented for myself, I do so enjoy your writing



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