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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

To The Weaker Sex

Only a child asks a woman why she is crying,

And only a devil doesn't.

It is a fool's errand to ask a woman what she is thinking,

But a deadly mistake to believe that her silence means she isn't.

"It's all right, darling."

Please. It's filed away.

"I don't mind, darling."

You'll pay and pay and pay.

What do women want?

Do you need a map and both hands, with Sherlock Holmes trailing behind?

Really, sir,

I promise you, sir

It's not that hard to find.



    What's it all about....Alfie...?

    It's really not that complicated, Sir

    I just L O V E D it, Shay! Someone must have told you about "SS".... (Stooopid Steve) --grin!

  2. Hey my friend!!! It's Ok, ok ok
    Thank you... Now you've made me cry... and?

    Thank you so much for being just like me. Or me like you, all the same-

    That's why I love you.

  3. I don't believe that all men are weaker than women, some are, but not all!

    Mental strength knows no gender.


  4. So,
    Whatcha thinking ;-)

    (I'll go ahead and lie to you now) I know what women want.

    No seriously, you've about summed it up!
    Most of us are clueless when it comes to knowing these things. Few of us admit to it...fewer, still, do anything to cure our ignorance.

  5. This was wonderful. And so true. It's not complicated, but it sure feels that way.

    My hubby is still asking when I'm going to provide him with my owner's manual - lol!

  6. I like what you have written here, but I also agree with Secretia...
    'mental strength knows no gender'

    best wishes

  7. It is invariably women who are referred to as "the weaker sex." I have no qualms at all about turning the tables here.

  8. this is so great and so always find such glorious ways to put into words eloquently what it is I've felt...thank you Shay for you poetic grace...
    xo gabi

  9. Laura Nyro & Carla Bonhoff rule!

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  10. I'm looking for the weaker sex in this one, and not seeing him. ;)

  11. This appeals to everything in my silly mind for it is at once smart and absurd. WELL DONE Pet.
    Warmest regards,

  12. i'll let you know when i know...

  13. and the debate goes on .. they arent really weaker just not as bright

  14. What do women want? An age old question. Some men may need a whole lot more than a map and Sherlock Holmes as a tour guide to answer this question.

  15. I never ask anyone what they're thinking.

  16. just ask her, she'll tell you! :) the trick is, the listening part


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