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Monday, September 5, 2022

Night Work

The earth is flat
there, where the lily of the valley grows
beneath my window.

Some wandering cat
or creature made sleepy by the dawn, chose
to rest there on the stems bent low.

It's crop circle night work
left by visitors
that were. 


For Dverse quadrille "work", hosted by JadeLi. 

Music; James Taylor "You Can Close Your Eyes"


  1. Shay, such a beautiful microcosm. I like the suggestion that there's a lot that goes on after we go to sleep.

    I did a word count on your quadrille. If it would have added up to 44 with the epigram (which is an awesome pithy phrase btw) it would be fine; however the verse below totals 44. Your choice of keeping the epigram in and shortening the verse, adding "work" somewhere in the verse itself, or submitting a different Q for the prompt.

  2. Very nicely done! An interesting take on the work of creating a crop circle.

  3. Love the symmetry. You've created crop circles in your work. Bravo!!

  4. The truth is out there, maybe right outside your window.

  5. I like where you went with this. I thought you might have found a size 13 boot print on the plant, creating back story interest.

  6. I love the idea of imagining crop circles where critters bed down.

  7. Night work indeed! I love the mystery in your quadrille, Shay, the symmetry of it, the way you start with a contentious ‘the earth is flat’ and then put it in a flowering place close to! My cats do that all the time.

  8. The night holds so much wonder and you can feel it in these lines Shay! A wonderful and lovely quadrille!

  9. "Crop circle night work": I love that! Mysterious, magical, a sign of the unseen.

  10. I love these lines, especially:
    "Some wandering cat
    or creature made sleepy by the dawn"

    I imagine a vampire cat, perhaps. Or moon-faerie grabbing a quick nap before flitting off to bed.

  11. "It's crop circle night work
    left by visitors
    that were." Mysterious and thought provoking!

  12. To find a crop circle in my garden would probably make me believe the earth is flat.

  13. Love the crop circles, and the thought of night work.


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