Great White sharks are naturally gentle as lambs.

They long to be painters, dancers, poets--

But, at the bottom of the sea, there are no art supply stores.

No academies.

No Barnes & Noble.

"Another fucking sunken galleon," they grumble, moods turning sour.

Their great fins are useless for holding brushes,

And watercolors?

Oh very funny.

Some Great Whites dream of being ballerinas,

And hate their ridiculous, colossal bodies.

"My beret keeps falling off," complains one shark.

"I would cut off my ear, but I can't find it!" laments another.

Naturally temperamental and sensitive to begin with,

All of this frustration leaves the sharks at less than their best.

Driven mad at her inability to shoulder her violin,

A musically-inclined White


And eats it instead.

Swimmer, if you should blunder near,

Kicking stupidly and churning the waters below,

You will break the sharks' creative concentration,

And, perhaps,

Their hearts.

When they come to play,

Don't dismiss the single delicate fin.

Don't misread their mood.

Don't believe the simple spreading grin.

They are artists.

They are not your friend.



Shadow said…
now THAT explains their bad mood. thanks for clarifying....
Scarlet said…
What ambitious water creatures...the sharks.

Love this one...especially the part about the musically-inclined white who devours her violin. Nice. ;)
"Don't believe the simple spreading grin." This reminds me of way too many people I know. I have a new appreciation for the shark- they sound very pouty to me.
T said…
I always wondered if they had a soft side, now I know why they are such grouchy creatures!
Anonymous said…
"Hi Genius, have you met my friend, Shay? Yes, yes, of course you have."
Daryl said…
I like this ... and wish I had a seascape to put with it
Judith said…
I've always wondered about my love affair with Jaws. Now I know. It's just an extension of my bad boy artist addiction. *sigh*

Love it, Shay. Classic.
Anonymous said…
This one of my favorites.

For some strange reason, I can totally relating to it.
Riot Kitty said…
I love the image of a shark in a beret!
Jannie Funster said…
Freaking great, Shay!
Shark Butt said…
Fanks for writing poemtry about sharks. The earth needs more of it. And more sharks.
... Paige said…
I should have guessed this about sharks.