Friday, April 17, 2009

Gemini Down

Little girl in the grocery store

Cuter than a peach

On a checkered cloth

In a basket,

Can't find her Mom.

Canned peas loom.

Aisles stretch into infinity.

Strangers bustle by, ten feet tall and steelier than automobiles.

This is when the heart constricts

The skin prickles, and

Tears flow.

Standing at the end of the row,

I can see that Mom is only

One aisle away

Pricing cake mix

For a treat later.

But to that little girl,

She may as well have been

Teleported to the Kamchatkan Peninsula,

Or launched on a space probe,

Shrinking tinier by the nanosecond,

Never to be heard from again.

To me, Mom looks kind,

Her hair is soft,

Her arms sweet solace,

And her voice something that I remember from happiness that I lost.

Love may be

One aisle over,

And love may lie

On a frozen moon of Jupiter...

This is when my heart constricts,

My skin prickles, and

Tears begin to flow.

I sink down on the dirty checkered floor

Of the Food Land store,

Throw my head back and howl,

And everyone,

Even the lost little girl,

Stop what they're doing

To stare.



Anonymous said...

I love this.

Scarlet said...

A thoughtful, compassionate poem.

Sometimes we're lost little girls ourselves.

Shadow said...

now that's empathy, heee heee heee. nice one!

Daryl said...

I would too ...

Anonymous said...


We all have our toddler moments.

Riot Kitty said...


Anonymous said...

I love it! You captured the longing for lost comfort and a child's fears. And the song that's playing is really pretty too. (Ocarina).

Brosreview said...

Ah, lovely and emotional, this one. Everyone's got lost at least once in their childhood, I guess. But, I could connect this one to the current complexities of life. You get lost looking for them or dodging them. Nicely written!!! Keep them coming!!!

Pouty Lips said...

There are many different ways of being lost, and I relate to one way in particular. As a child I often woke up in the middle of the night and my parents weren't there. I'd scream and cry and watch the curtains blowing in my open bedroom window and no one ever came. I can relate to the petrified feeling of this lost little girl, and your reaction. Brilliant; you go girl.

Mama Zen said...

Mom looks kind
until she tears away from the cake mix
and sees no child.
Panic turns her
wild-eyed and harsh.
Fortunately, no one notices
due to the chick howling one aisle over.

Debbie said...

That lost child feeling is really one that grips every mother.

... Paige said...

Yes, that's it.

T said...

Oh wow, and I think we have all witnessed this one in person, I know i have:)

Jannie Funster said...

A woman fainted in the frozen food aisle once, heat-stroke I think.

It think it was me.