Sunday, April 5, 2009

Glass Girl

(written by request, for T.)

Beautiful glass girl, refracting the light from other sources

Admired, carefully cared for,

Protected and turned by other hands

To an angle and an attitude that pleases.

Glass Girl, full of grace

Who are you when there's no one there?

And why do you dance all night

Frozen in place

The image of whatever ornament is needed?

And despite all the pleasing and smiling,

There came a day when you were taken from your delicate case and hocked

Leaner times

And sticker shock

Made beauty an extravagance, a red-headed stepchild to necessity.

Practicality the killer of


After all the sheltering hands that had known you,

Bless the gypsy who stole you

And discovered your body was not of glass but of ice.

Water has motion

And current can carry or conduct;

Steam obscures or warms

So when magic meets magician

It is the marks who gasp and refract

Like so many jewels on a rope.

There is a reason

The three fates are women.

They led you back home

To your admirers again.

But this time, when the music began,

When they smilingly reached to pose you

With their presumptuous hands,

They received the violent beauty of lightning instead.

No longer a glass girl

Posed on a stand

You call down the storm

With a diamond's command.



T said...

Well Hot Damn!!!! You could not have done this any better, and this describes me to a T!!!

You are so darn Good Shay. I just read this to my Hubby and he agrees, without even knowing I requested this, he mentioned it was Me!!

Thank you so much for taking the time, to share your beautiful words!

You are remarkable!!


vicariousrising said...

Oooh... I really like this one.

Gillian said...

Good one! I'm still trying to figure it out a little bit...but I like it.
I left you a return comment on my last post but then took it down. Lest it be misconstrued. You see, my thoughts and writings didn't mesh, and I would hate for you to take it the wrong way. What message I tried to convey in it was this,
never say you are not beautiful.

Riot Kitty said...

Wow, as usual.

Am I blind? It appears that the glass girl has no head...

Fireblossom said...

*smiles* I'm really glad you like your poem, T!

Thanks Vi. :-)

I'm working on it, Gillian. And...I doubt i would ever take anything you said the wrong way, knowing what a sweet peach you are. ;-)

LOL, Twin, I think she has no head, too. Maybe it fell off. I know that if my own head weren't glued on, I would leave it someplace. ;-)

Mama Zen said...

Honestly, I am too moved to truly express how this made me feel. Enraged and heartbroken and something that feels a bit too much like recognition to be comfortable. Maybe it's just my reading of the piece.

You are extraordinarily talented, Shay.

Shadow said...

what an imagination you have! lovely stuff this!

Daryl said...

She lost her head, I think it exploded... it was filled with all the words of your poem ..

david mcmahon said...

So eloquent, Shay.

Jannie Funster said...

Wewww. whoa. Sorry, Billy Collins, I've been thinking of demoting you for a while, and this seals the deal.

Scarlet said...

"Bless the gypsy who stole you and discovered your body was not of glass but of ice." Bless her indeed.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

This is so full of vibrant imagery! A delightful dance of words on my laptop screen...I thoroughly enjoy visiting your beautiful blog! Thank you! And thank David for leading me here! Congrats on your mention in POTD!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Beautifully portrayed! And many congratualations on David's POTD.

Brosreview said...

Great imagery here!!! I mean, you needn't essentially look at the image whilst reading this one. Good on you!!! I shall follow your blog henceforth. Visit mine while you're free sometime. Cheers!!!

Pouty Lips said...

There are too many great lines that resonate with me to pick a favorite. It's just mystifying that you could write this for someone and nail it.