My Mash Note To The RCMP

The RCMP is notified

Of serious crimes

In northern climes.

Saskatchewan just isn't there--

RCMP suspects

Grizzly bears.

Ottawa is sorely vexed--

What's up out west?

Is Manitoba next?

Toronto has run out of maple leafs--

Alberta's low on

Indian chiefs.

Montreal has a certain je ne sais quoi--

And is being held hostage

By Patrick Roy.

To Newfoundland, RCMP is sent

To find out where

That half hour went,

And also to work on a spate of crimes

Originating in

The maritimes.

Oh Canada, home and native land,


Always gets their man.

Mounties in black boots and uniforms red,

Any chance you'd pursue

This woman instead?



Funny! I laughed when I read that Montreal is being held hostage by Patrick Roy. He's only the co-owner, general manager, and head coach - what would make you think that?

There's nothing like a man or a woman in uniform that gets the blood flowing.
Anonymous said…
We always new our neighbors to the north were a bit frisky.

I wore a uniform for several years (US Navy) and men turn into complete idiots in the present of young ladies in uniform.
I like this - what's more yummy than a hottie in a uniform?
Opaque said…
Funny!!! Good job!!!
Fireblossom said…
Hehe, Pouty. I imagine there's a wink involved as well!

Fanks, Twin!

I have no doubt, K!

Nothing that I know of, PG!

Thanks, BR!
Anonymous said…
Nice one
Shadow said…
how cool and upbeat!
G-Man said…
I've been lurking about.
Finally I can't contain myself, I loved this. Great Job!!!
Fellow Michigander...:P
Daryl said…
Oh these are lyrics looking for a melody ... really ..
Maude Lynn said…
Ren and Stimpy ruined the RCMP for me!