Stone Angels

Blame Daryl for this one. ;-)

Stone angels

Fall out of Heaven,

Landing in church courtyards

And people's gardens.

Some come down in cemeteries,

But are quickly stolen.

Stone angels

May appear serene,

But their thoughts are jangled:

"My nose itches, but I can't scratch it!"

"Here comes that dog again!"

"I'm one step removed from garden gnome. Oy."

When they flutter their wings,

Gardeners and priests end up in casts

And flight is out of the question.

They cannot ride bicycles.

They are poor joggers.

They have trouble getting warm on cloudy days.

The stone angels

Don't get picked for badminton

But they have beautiful souls

And, like small children and honest lovers,

They can describe the Divine

In an easy and familiar way.



nollyposh said…
Wonderful words X:-)
Daryl said…
Oh so cool ...
Fireblossom said…
Hi Nollyposh, nice to see you back! :-)

Daryl, Goddess knows why you hang out with me. You post a gorgeous photograph, and I write my usual drivel about it. But i hope it raised a smile. ;-)
Jannie Funster said…

Do they learn the truth at 17 that mobility's meant for gargoyled queens?
Riot Kitty said…
Those last two lines are so true!
Shadow said…
damn, only you'd think of this. and i mean this in the most complimentary way... nice!
Lil Bit said…
. . . and their halos turn into stepping stones. ;)
I read this yesterday and came back for another read today. My favorite line - which came up on my pouty radar is this:

"The stone angels,
Don't get picked for badminton"

Classic Blossom.
T said…
Excellent, and very beautiful words, as always!
Fireblossom said…
Ha! Exactly so, Miss Funster! While those of us made of stone repented all the lives unknown.

Fanks, Twin!

Hi Shadow! Er, I do seem to be on a different wavelength, don't I?

oo, yes they do, Lil Bit!

LOL, Pouty, I just had the idea of that delicate little birdie and the contrast to the clunky stone angels.

Yhank you, T!
actually, i did once pick a *stoned* angel for badminton. he was surprisingly good. well, he was better than i.
Anonymous said…
I like this take.

I've always wondered why none of them are smiling?
Opaque said…
An unusual thought and perspective here!!! Staggering!!! Well done!!!