There is a certain beauty in a woman

That only another woman sees;

And when I see it, it is like


And it is like

The sound stemware makes when a toast is made

And it is like

Nothing else I know of.

She is perfectly flawed.

She makes me want to throw open a window and lean out, gathering my wits.

She makes me want to close that window and turn around.

She has no idea...

People will say, well, you had your day--

But I didn't.

I was buried underground

Like one of those catfish

All summer long.

There is a certain beauty in a woman

That only another woman sees;

And when I see it, it is like


And it is like

A shift in my heart

And it is like

Nothing else I know of,

Except perhaps rain

When the season has been long, and dry, and the summer is long since gone.



I don't know what to say to this.
But I hope the pain will go away.
Lany said…
Woah. I feel you. It made my heart cry out. Breathtaking expression, love.
mac said…
Beautifully sad, Shay.

I can't imagine.

Yes, I can imagine the feeling. What I can't imagine, is someone finding more beauty in a woman than I do ;-)

I mean,
I like 'em all
be they short or tall.

Be they plump or lean,
nice or mean (mostly nice?)

But, it's not liking them you write of, is it?

No, you write of a much deeper thing.
Riot Kitty said…
I still don't know how you manage to be so prolific and brilliant at the same time!
Dul├že ♥ said…
There is a sure Beauty in a woman that only another woman can see and feel and write about...

Oh I realize now-again- how I love to be a woman ;-)
Ileana said…
Wow, this poem makes me ♥ being a woman! :) Sweet one, Shay.
Fireblossom said…
Thanks, all of you, for your sweet comments about my poem!

RK, maybe it's because I overthink everything! This one stemmed from a visit to the salon. No one is safe!
Shadow said…
the world through your eyes is a beautiful place!
steveroni said…
Being only a man, one of those stupid idiots (I should know them all, because I AM one) I am blest to come here and read, enjoy, even partake in the words, thoughts, and feelings of woman...even as little as I may comprehend.

Your description extricates those deep intricacies conceived by my own vague notion of the heart, the soul, the web of feelings of WOMAN.

As close as I could in understanding 'woman' happened as a girl sitting next to me in a church choir unexpectedly spied her husband entering a faraway door. She whispered to me:

"Whenever I see him walk into a room, he makes my toes tingle!"

If EVERY woman or man would have that effect on another human during a lifetime of might be OH! so more worthwhile.

FireBlossom, I pray that certain one may make your toes tingle once again--and soon. I mean that!
I hope you are "falling" once again, and that your heart shifts.

Also I see that gentle rain falling down from heaven upon the place beneath--where Shay reclines in a green meadow. The gentle rain which is to nurture her body and soul...after the long, and dry, season post-summer.

(I almost want to write "Amen" after this.)
Jannie Funster said…
crushingly beautifully beautiful poem.
Unknown said…
Ah yes, you write so well. xo
Joanna Jenkins said…
Big sigh!

I'm heading out of town for the week and won't have an internet connection. I'll catch up with you when I get back.

Have a great week.
We came from a woman, and we remember on some level. Beautiful poem, lyrical.
Shark Butt said…
And some of them are cows and them moo, but me are speaking of one in particular.
G-Man said…
The essence of Fireblossom transcends any verbal description.

This much I know...You can write your ass off girl!
Vesper said…
Beauty that makes you feel like falling... wow, what a sensation...

This is a beautiful, beautiful poem, Shay...
Kelly said…
only a woman can get under your skin and create an itch that just needs to be scratched... yeah only a woman... can look right into me and say, i know who you are, and then flick her blonde locks and say follow me! only a woman... for sure - beautiful shay x
RachelW said…
Oh, I love this. Thank you for creating it.
No one writes about being a woman as wonderfully as you.

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