Killing The Darlings

Everything simplifies--

Even the hardest truths...

Given time.

Do I have to kill

The darlings of my heart?

I don't want to.

That's why I have caressed the closing door

Long and lingeringly...

Wishing for a single moment more.

In August of 1814,

At three-thirty in the afternoon,

High winds were followed by a rain of frogs;

And so even the most unlikely events

Can occur at intervals.

I don't believe in these things--


True love,

Future happiness...

But I admit that I have seen,

On wet afternoons,

How two drops close together on the pane, tend to run

Together and become




mac said…
But True Love is real. It is extremely elusive, no doubt, but very real.
Riot Kitty said…
What is an alfie poem?
Kay said…
do i hear hope in this cynicism?
Fireblossom said…
Is it, Mac? I hope you are right. Thanks for stopping by, as always. :-)

Hi Twin! An alfie poem is one that asks "What's it all about?", after the song of the same name, which came from the movie of the same name.

Yes, Kay. Busted. It must be because I haven't had my coffee yet.
ellen abbott said…
Two drops can become one but it's never like in the fairy tales.

and btw, is that frog peeing as it jumps?
Daryl said…
This one touches me deeply and I cant put into words why .. but thank you, dear Shay xo
Brian Miller said…
i do think there is hope in the drops finding their way togethr down the window...
Unknown said…
Beautiful. Excellent 55.

Mine's at
Wow.That was wonderfully written.
And I like that frog image.
Ellen made me giggle and lose my train of thought.
mac said…
It is real.
I've seen,
and felt it.

I think, sometimes, I possess it.

....I wish it possessed me.
Dul├že ♥ said…
Hey My Lady goddess... This is fabulous...those drops oh those drops!

PS I must apologize for reading your mails! but I can't help it...They are such an ispiration! LOL

Love you, woman.
Anonymous said…
Oh, believe in True Love. The world would be too sad without it.

Beautiful poem.
"That's why I have caressed the closing door

Long and lingeringly...

Wishing for a single moment more."

Now I understand.