When Water Turns To Ice

When water turns to ice,

It has its charms--

Especially embodied in

White skates,

A red scarf,

And a pair of outstretched arms.


I prefer water--

Because of the way it approaches, then retreats,

Unable to help itself;

I love the thing that can kill and possess, all in the same motion--

Not static

Not frozen

As when water turns to ice,

A memory of white skates

A red scarf

And the glittering winter in your eyes.



bg_garden said…
Those skates - fabulous! Almost time for use to sharpen our blades here in Ohio as well.
Happy Christmas
RachelW said…
There's a lot in this image. It immediately reminded me of a Kate Bush song, for some reason, though the resemblance was superficial.
mac said…
When Water Turns To Ice

....very nice :-)
Cloudia said…

I prefer water--

Because of the way it approaches, then retreats,

Unable to help itself"


Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral
I love the ocean. It never freezes. This is beautiful, Shay.
Shadow said…
wow, beautiful... i too love the fluidity of water.
Mama Zen said…
That last line is absolutely gorgeous!
Dul├že ♥ said…
Yes, I prefer water as well in all its forms and expressions...
ellen abbott said…
the power of water is never to be underestimated.
Ileana said…
You're psyching me up for that trip to Boston/NH, Chica! Time to sharpen my skates.

Seriously, this one creates a beautiful visual.
That was wonderful Fireblossom.
I loved the last line too.
TALON said…
Now I'm going to get out my skates and head out for the nearest frozen pond...
Kay said…
oh the imagery! i agree, would prefer warmth and water...but should fate create ice, why not enjoy it? sigh

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