• Day One. Love Object is introduced into Subject's environment. Contact established.

  • Days 2-9. Subject and Love Object exchange personal information, histories, likes and dislikes as well as abstractions such as dreams and aspirations, spiritual beliefs, etcetera. Touching and eye contact maximized. Subject reports elevated mood. Surroundings, people and objects are rated as being more agreeable than in a previous test. Presence of Love Object causes increased heart rate, nervousness and consistent sexual arousal. Interesting note: upon hearing the Love Object mentioned, Subject's pupils dilate, as if to admit as much of the world which contains the Love Object as possible.

  • Days 10-25. Subject reports difficulty concentrating, distraction, and inability to efficiently perform familiar tasks. Sleep disturbances and the introduction of the Love Object into the Subject's dreams are also reported. Absence of the Love Object causes Subject to become anxious and unhappy, while the presence--anticipated or actual--of the Love Object brings feelings of euphoria and pleasure. Any objects associated with the Love Object attain nearly religious significance to the Subject. Differences between Subject's reported and observed patterns bear little difference from those of drug addicts, with the exception of liver damage, which is not present here.

  • Day 26. Subject states belief that Love Object is "The One" and that Subject's current state of arousal and satisfaction at the presence of the Love Object will continue ad infinitum. When confronted with similar statements made in regard to previously introduced love objects, Subject questions the previous data and insists that this time results will be different. Subject cannot support this logically, but is nonetheless adamant and extremely resistant to counter arguments. Interesting note: counter arguments actually seem to increase Subject's devotion to Love Object.

  • Days 27-45. Frequent physical contact followed by periods of rest. Subject reports that her first and last thought each day is of the Love Object. Subject feels singled out by fate. Subject reports feeling as if she were in possession of a particularly satisfying and private secret. Fraternization with friends, relations and co-workers greatly diminished. Subject finds that these groups do not "understand" and so Subject increasingly seeks out only the company of the Love Object, who does "understand."

  • Day 46. Argument between Subject and Love Object, followed by reconciliation and physical contact.

  • Days 47-49. Subject submits insupportable data that something is amiss, but cannot concretely describe it. Subject uses word "intuition" and the phrase "funny feeling."

  • Day 50. Love Object removed from Subject's environment.

  • Days 51-61. Subject refuses to report, neither does she accept food or other stimuli. Subject alternates between periods of sleep and periods of crying. Subject does not work or socialize. Subject reports cardiac pain, but scans show no damage or malfunction.

  • Days 62-75. Subject's behavior erratic. Crying, screaming, lethargy, self-damage and the wearing of large dark glasses all observed. Weight unstable. Subject disinterested in appearance. Subject refuses to discuss possible future events, stating that there "is no future." Once again, Subject cannot produce data to support her statements. Subject's behavior does not differ in any marked way from that of drug addicts deprived of drug of choice. Subject again reports that her first and last thought each day is of the Love Object, but Subject's reactions to these thoughts are opposite those previously observed.

  • Days 76-100. Subject reconnects with friends, relations and co-workers. Subject's conversation frequently references Love Object. Those spoken to respond with unflattering characterizations of Love Object. Subject reports feeling singled out by fate. Subject vows never to repeat study. Subject admits own errors in assessment of situation and Love Object in particular. Subject declares self "so, so stupid."

  • Day 101. (exit interview) Subject states that Love Object still induces strong emotions of both a positive and negative type. Objects associated with Love Object remain infused in Subject's mind with a religious significance. (see file on "Sentiment") Subject views self as altered from her previous state, before introduction of Love Object. Crying, laughing and head-shaking all observed. In summary, Subject states, "I felt I was drowning in pain. I thought, 'how can I stand this? I love them. I hate them. I am suffering and they don't care.' I thought, 'I'm never going to love anyone again, because it hurts so much to lose them.' I thought I would die from it."

Summary: Subject does not die. Project concluded.



TALON said…
Brilliant! Oh, but this brought back memories.

Now I'm trying to figure out (I'm not mathematical genius) what day I would be on 29 years into marriage and what that love report would read like :)
Shadow said…
oh is THAT how it works *grin*
Dul├že ♥ said…
Well madam yes that's Love...
Step by step.... Your creativity is unique dear!

Been having problems with f***** computer. Sorry- xoxox
Kelly said…
you could give klein a run for her money! ;) brilliantly done x
G-Man said…
Very Clinical, and to the point!
Merry Christmas Shaysie...G
ellen abbott said…
Seems to have taken as long to get out as it did to get in.

mac said…

Another subject tries to continue another case study. Reports effects of first study interfere with successive studies.
It sure does feel like dying though at the end.
Enchanted Oak said…
What a fine tale! Subject hopefully learned a great deal from the experience. Infatuation is a drug. Love is the antidote.
If the subject was up baking in the middle of the night this would be my story.
Riot Kitty said…
Yay! About the ending, I mean. For me, it always ended up with, "I was interested WHY??"
Daryl said…
The worst part is:

you don't die.

you live to do it again

you live to never do it again

That is truly the worst part
Anonymous said…
That made me very uptight, i had to read it a few more times to unwind somewhat. That is a masterpiece, and I hope it's fictional... not you in pain.

steveroni said…
...and we are BOTH still alive...just cannot spell!
Kay said…
wow...i didn't realize i have been being watched...or that anyone even heard me...? :) this is excellent!
Joanna Jenkins said…
Fabulous post. Only thing missing is large quantities of chocolate to ease the pain.

Trying to catch up here... love this one!
Semaphore said…
What an ingenious structure for the exploration of the theme!
Sounds about right.

These are the best sections to me:

"Subject's pupils dilate, as if to admit as much of the world which contains the Love Object as possible"

"patterns bear little difference from those of drug addicts, with the exception of liver damage, which is not present here"

"Subject feels singled out by fate." (both times)

"Love Object removed from Subject's environment." It can happen just that quickly and simply, can't it.

"Summary: Subject does not die. Project concluded." It's so much fun to be under a microscope.

Very creative, Shay. Excellent work.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I'm so glad I got the opportunity to read this piece. I'm rather ashamed to admit that I have been "Subject" on too many occasions in the past. It just never gets old, this crazy love thing.
Christine said…
Wow this blew me away, I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry at this, amazing
Marian said…
laugh or cry? hmmmmmmmm.