Just when I had finally decided
That you were probably a shit--
That I was probably better off--
I have to go and dream that you called me,
And my heart just opened right up
Like a child's palm
At the offer of a favorite candy from a trusted hand.

I could have said,
"You've got a lot of brass, calling me now."
But I said,
"Hello, Sweetheart."
You said,
"It's been so hard not talking to you for so long,"
And I loved it,
As I have always loved
Even the wildest lies, if they came from you.

You said,
"It feels like Lifesavers."
I thought,
What does that mean?
Then I knew that I was dreaming, and woke up;
I knew that you were gone--again--
And felt let down,
Left with nothing
But my aching sweet tooth.


Anonymous said…
That is hitting on the nerve, always loving the wildest lies as long as it came form someone we love, I understand that one form my past.

Kay said…
hmph! Now, you get out of my head! geesh, before I read, I saw the picture and thought "yeah, through me one over!" but you can keep it now... love this, by the way.
Anonymous said…
Aw, Shay, cheer up sweetie! I just know God is going to put the perfect person just for you in your life and you are going to be so grateful that you are available. OK done with my Mom speech. Love ya girlfriend!
mac said…
Why do our dreams betray us?
Daryl said…
ToonMan was looking for Charms .. remember them? Square versions of Lifesavers if you ask me .... go ahead ask me .. and I will tell you have a Lifesaver, its for real no lie .. now wake up and get over her!
Mama Zen said…
Beautifully written.
TALON said…
This dreamy poem is the definition of bittersweet.
Unknown said…
Gorgeously written and how true our hearts are to those they've been opened too, this I understand with all the eloquence of the memory and the pain of loss and of love.

However, dreams for me are lessons, that are integrating to my soul...

love you
Riot Kitty said…
Stay away from the sweets, Cookie!
Cloudia said…

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

Comfort Spiral
steveroni said…
Here little girl, I can do better than "Life-Savers"! here is some Swiss Chocolate--delicious!

Now, it's time to wake up. April Fool!

(But FB, you can still have some of the chocolate--grin!)

Shadow said…
spot on. we just can't control those memories, can we...
the walking man said…
Hard to not dream, harder still to not dream about the flavored lifesavers we miss the most.
Anonymous said…
Oh're breaking my heart.
cinderkeys said…
You too?

I haven't had one of those dreams in a long time, for which I am grateful.
Unknown said…
I have been having wild dreams lately. The sad part is that I am disappointed when I wake up because my dreams have been better than reality. How do we make our dreams reality, Shay?
Mojo said…
What sorcery is this?? You read my mind girl. Which is not nearly as creepy as I thought it would be. Actually it's oddly comforting to know that if I'm losing it, I've got company.

Love this. LOVE it.