Child Of The Whispering Stars

At the edge of extinction,

The stars said to me,

"Little girl, step into us and you will drop like a stone.

Straight down is not flying.

The one we have entrusted you to has painted you thickly with the tar of self-loathing and fear,

Then wrung her hands to white bone, imploring,

'Why do you not fly,

Lazy wicked child?'

Here, sleep a while in the palm of our hands.

Wrap yourself in your own dreams;

Every soul has its own markings

And its own distinct and natural ways.

Your very bones will lighten as you rest.

Cut loose what isn't yours.

Spread what is from east to west.

Now, woman, step into us and be called sister.

Be known by your wings and singularity--




Back from the edge of extinction, alive and beautiful.

Thanks, Mojo, for the inspiration this morning.


Ileana said…
You were meant to be a star, Chica! I love it!! :)
ellen abbott said…
Yay! You butterfly, phoenix, dreamer...alive and beautiful.
Kay said…
"Straight down is not flying."

What a statement! ...
Cloudia said…
The second verse was uncharacteristically "not perfect."

But (as per usual) you amaze and impress me. glad to call you pal.

" Your very bones will lighten as you rest.

Cut loose what isn't yours.

Spread what is from east to west."

WOW, friggen WOW!

Glad to be back, Missed Ya!

Aloha from Hawaii

Comfort Spiral
Riot Kitty said…
Beautiful, Shay.
Fireblossom said…
Um...I don't see anything wrong with the second verse. (?)
Joanna Jenkins said…
Hello my friend, Sorry I've been away (out of town). What a gorgeous poem to return to.

Hope life is treating you good and that all is well. I'm off to read more.
TALON said…
"Your very bones will lighten as you rest." - that line will linger with me, Shay.
mac said…
Nice !

Sometimes your poems make me sad, sometimes they make me happy.
They always make me FEEL. Thank you :-)
Mama Zen said…
This is beyond beautiful.
Mojo said…
Wha'... What'd I say?

No matter. If it inspired something like this, I am honored! This is awesome. Simply awesome.
cinderkeys said…
"Back from the edge of extinction, alive and beautiful."

I'm storing away the whole thing, but especially the last line. I wish this for some people I know.

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