Cinderella gets a job with the police department.

At work she wears sturdy black shoes, and at home she goes barefoot because her cat does.

She owns no slippers, expects no princes.

She once beat a suspect with a frozen lean cuisine.

She does not drink.

She reads trash novels.

Every day, she sees the worst in people.

It is like a Lifetime movie,

But without stars.

Every time she sees a woman with that look she likes, she thinks:

Kiss me.

Spring me.

Compromise me.

Take my stupid badge, toss it on the floor, come get me.

Cinderella has a job with the police department.

Today, her hands shook so badly, she couldn't cuff a suspect.

She tells her partner some bullshit about stress.

After dark, she lies on her bed staring up at the skylight.

She is naked.

Every night, she tracks the moon, but it hardly seems like enough.

There are no stars.


(This is my 500th post at Word Garden!)


mac said…
Cinderella needs to get laid!

Not just by anyone, but she needs a special girl. I think she'll feel much better .
TALON said…
Everyone needs stars - especially in their eyes.

I laughed out loud at the "Lean Cuisine" beat-down.
Mojo said…
The stars are still there Cindy, they're just clouded over. When the clouds blow out, they'll still be there, right where you left them.

And it'll be beautiful. Just like it always is.
ellen abbott said…
Her knight will come.
Unknown said…
Wanna know a secret? You have the stars...they are there...they are in your eyes/soul/ and heart...they were put there a very long time ago, we see them, but she needs to see them too...<3
Riot Kitty said…
She once beat a suspect with a frozen lean cuisine.

*That is my new favorite sentence!*
Daryl said…
You dont need stars, the moon will guide you
Marion said…
Happy 500th post! You ARE a star and and your writing shines like one. Blessings!
the walking man said…
I have to agree ...liked the lean cuisine black jack and the entire 500th post thing.
Lynn said…
I like that she goes barefoot because her cat does. :)
Kay said…
yip. that would be you in MY head... Cinderella got captured and drift away into the Corporate world for training...and (GASP) blocked computers...would she have known, she would have brought her own ;)
Maude Lynn said…
Way too often, life is like a Lifetime movie without stars.
Ileana said…
Now here's a version of Cinderella I'd like to see in moving pictures. :) Very well done, my friend.
RachelW said…
I love the way this ended. I wasn't expecting it at all; it is perfect.