Honest Scrap

It's true. I'm one of Senorita's bitches. She has given me this Honest Scrap meme to do. This is a good thing, even though I have done it twice before. There is a rumor that I am a meme whore. The rumor is true.

As many of you know, I am all about rules. The rules are, I must list ten confessions. Here they are:

1. As a schoolchild, I killed Jimmy Hoffa and stuffed the body in my locker. I told the hall monitor the smell was yesterday's pastrami sandwich, which I hadn't eaten. What? You say these have to be true confessions? All right then, spoil my fun. I didn't kill Jimmy Hoffa. I never had pastrami until I was past thirty. Now I love the stuff.

2. I have only ever accidentally broken one bone, a tiny fracture in my thumb. It happened when I took my bedding to the coin laundry and caught my thumb in the door when I closed it.  I had to miss the WPBA tour. Not that I would have, you know, been part of it anyway. I don't own any Izod shirts.

3. Post Bosco music review, I persist in listening to the late Rosemary Clooney. LOTS of Rosemary Clooney. I knew about her when I was little because someone left an LP around the house with "Come-On-A-My-House" on it. I loved that song. Still do. Also, she used to do ads for some chain supermarket on channel 9, the CBC outlet from Windsor, Ontario. Then I forgot about her until she appeared on "ER" as a guest star. (She was George's aunt). I discovered that she has a whole body of marvelous recordings, and can sing a standard like nobody's business. Neat lady.

4. I love soup, and like most of the western world, I was raised on Campbell's. Now I find it unbearably bland and would rather serve dishwater. (ok ok, I still like tomato, but that's all). I like Progresso, especially the Chicken and Sausage Gumbo. I also like Bear Creek, which comes as a mix. The potato soup is especially tasty, especially on a cold raw day. 

5. I think Maria Bello is hot stuff. 

6. I saw a program last night on Nat Geo about Fatal Familial Insomnia. It is an inherited disease. In midlife, those stricken lose the ability to fall asleep! Within months, they die. I love sleep. It's delicious. I am glad I do not have FFI. (I confess, though, that such bizarre stuff fascinates me.)

7. I have some questions I would like to ask Goddess when I arrive on the Other Side. Reviewing my life, I would like to ask Her, wtf? WTF? What the fuck?!? I'll probably get reincarnated as a dung beetle after that. 

8. I love Mulberry trees. They have three different kinds of leaves on the same tree!

9. There are four tv shows I love. On Monday there is "CSI:Miami", and if that's a rerun, there is "Law & Order." On Tuesday there is "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." I love Jeff Goldblum as Detective Nichols, and his new partner is hot. Yes, she seems about two shakes away from jumping off a ledge, but hot just the same.  On Wednesday there is "Mercy." Veronica makes me faint with....viewership. She's hot, charismatic and fucked up. What pattern? I don't know what you mean. And on Friday, there is "Miami Medical", which is basically "CSI:Miami" but in a hospital.

10. I'm not doing a ten. The rules say ten, but you know how I get. 

Thanks, Senorita, for nominating me. I am nominating anyone who wants to do the meme. And before you go, wait....

11. I like rainy days. Today is one. Yay!     


Senorita said…
Thank you for doing this ! So happy to have you as my Bitch !

I take it that you are Wiccan ? So is my old man !
TALON said…
mmm mmm good...Campbell's Tomato is the best tomato soup in a can (I think), but like you, I'm not into their other stuff.

I feel sorry for those not-being-able-to-sleep people. They would never be able to hold out a hope of ever passing quietly in their sleep.
Ileana said…
You have me craving tomato soup and rainy days...and how come I haven't thought of posing on the counter next to the sink like that? You've inspired me!
Mama Zen said…
Come on over, I'm making soup tonight!
Riot Kitty said…
If you like rainy days, you should move here!
I've had an incredible day today; I've seen rain, snow, and sunshine. Seriously.

Can I be there when you ask Goddess WTF? Please, please, me, oh yea, and I'll please you.
mac said…
How can you go wrong when you include number FIVE?GeeeWhillickers!!

I'm not sure, I think I may have work induced insomnia. I sleep about 4 hours a night, these new hours are so bad!

I see you peaking further from that book!
Tabitha Bird said…
LOL about the dung bettle :)
I love rainy days too :)

Thanks for your comments on my blog when I was sick. I am feeling much better now :)
Paula said…
I love soup, particularly all my home made, Should send you some and you never would eat any other soup. But then I am raised in the Western world too:-))))
Love the same series like you - boah, hate to dmit it as at times I think they are pretty dumb!
I am not keen on rainy days and today is one, Brrrrr.
You really made me laugh!
Have a great day. Love from my heart to yours.
Daryl said…
Rosie IS, or was, really George's aunt. His father's sister. And she could sing a standard like nobody's business .. rent White Christmas

And as wonderful as Rosie is/was, David Caruso is boring .. he can put me to sleep in under 5 minutes of viewing ...
Mojo said…
Wait. What? "I have only ever accidentally broken one bone"

This begs a rather obvious question, i.e. how many bones have you broken on purpose? (And were they yours?)
Anonymous said…
I know I'm late to the party here, but I just have to say I've met very few people who know "Come On to My House." It was my grandfather's favorite song, and he used to play it all the time when I was growing up. One of the sweetest family memories when we all get together. "I'm gonna give you candy." I'd sing it if I could. And I agree that Rosemary was one of the great, great singers.
Peter's Poison said…
ha ha I love number 7, i want to do that so badly. love your blog, happy to be a new follower!
Fireblossom said…
Mojo, the answer to your question is that when I was a teenager, two bones were broken intentionally by a surgeon for a medical procedure.
Unknown said…
I think we were just seperated at birth, that's it...I still love tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

I too am fascinated with bizarre things and love sleep...

oh, and i love you!

See how that works!
Kay said…
hats off to you, still can't manage to do them... :)

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