Girl Jox

Like the frequency that only dogs can hear,

Something hums in me, in here,

At the sight of these

Swoon-worthy women,

The girl jox.

So ok, all right, maybe it isn't exactly my heart

That goes a little tilt, a little faint

When I'm around all those ponytails and high fives...

Guy jox are like too-loud music,

But girl jox are like baby bear's frappuccino--

Just right.

Girl jox, where do you go

After the game,

After Pizza Hut,

After torturing ones such as I

With your golden

So kissable


Home with each other, I suppose--

Or to a boyfriend? Say it ain't so!

But never to the starstruck poetess

With the glasses and the library card;

Never to the girl with the black-cat remove,

And the chalk lines drawn around

Her stupid


Endless desire

For you.


(This is a new edit of an old poem of mine)

photo: Jessica Mendoza


mac said…
I dunno, I feel much the same about a lot of those girl jox!

And, I'm not so sure we can afford, as a society, to allow homosexuals to buy milk. What's next, bread?
Senorita said…
I bet that Mac tells every chick that ......wait for it......... he's a lesbian in a man's body.
TALON said…
I bet a few girl jox go home and wonder when they'll meet that special poetess with the glasses and the smokin' library card ;)
Riot Kitty said…
Love that graphic, too ;)
ellen abbott said…
A woman was at a batting cage next to mine. A ball had rolled over, she leaned down and retrieved it for me, looked me in the eye and oh my!
Maude Lynn said…
This is marvelous! You mention that it's an early poem. How old is it, Shay?
Ileana said…
If this is a remake, I would love to see the original, Chica!

PS - Laffin at SeƱorita's comment! :)
Fireblossom said…
Anyone wanting to see the original can find it here:
Unknown said…
;-)....lust...ain't it great !??
Cloudia said… too.....

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral
Mojo said…
Oh they're nice to look at and all, but can they hold up one end of a conversation?