I'm Sweet

I'm sweet.

I'll greet you with a smile,

And I'll fix everything just the way you like it.

I'm cookie dough ice cream, I'm frosting,

But there's just this one thing...


Precious angel,

You must adore me

Or you'll begin to bore me.

I'm a lamb,

But gracious and patient as I am,

No one is perfect.

Not one of us is perfect,

Not even me.


There are just certain things I can't forgive.

They are random and capricious,

And while I never would be vicious,

Do the right thing.

Always do the right thing by me.

I'm sweet.

I'll meet you at the door naked, and what's more,

I'll treat you like no one ever has before.

Oh, sugar pea,

I want you to be comfortable with me.

I love you, you can place your trust in me,

But be careful.

Be ever so careful,

Won't you, darling, please?

photo: Saffron Burrows


Lover,proceed with caution ;)

Awesome Fireblossom.
ellen abbott said…
very clever Shay.
TALON said…
I wish everyone spoke so clearly about who they were when you first met them!

Dare I say the poem is perfect? Even if the poetess is beautifully flawed?
mac said…
That is sweet !

Still, you don't say what will happen if she isn't sweet ;-)
This is an awesome GO GIRL post Shay...I mean it really makes me proud of our lover capabilities, yes?

Lovely as usual.
Riot Kitty said…
As it happens, I love cookie dough ice cream!
Unknown said…
love this post
have a relaxed weekend
Tabitha Bird said…
Oooh! Love it. Reminds me of that song, 'Nothin sweet about me' :)
Kay said…
wise words, very wise... :}
Anonymous said…
What an order! I can't go through with it! LOL!
Mojo said…
I hope this means there's something in the wind girl. You sure deserve it. And I hope if there is, that she heeds your words.

'Cause let's face it, you couldn't be any clearer. And what's not to love about that??
Daryl said…
I do trust you ... and I love your words and how you use them.
Maude Lynn said…
Demanding, much?
Ileana said…
"You must adore me or you'll begin to bore me." Don't think I won't use that line this weekend, because I WILL!!! ;)

Love and hugs, Chica!! xo