There Were Girls

There were girls inside each drop of rain that fell that Spring;

Several could be kept

Balanced on the brim of a hat.

It was only later,

In the dog days of summer,

When we had grown and driven all the boys mad,

That we slipped down the well

To sweeten Hell

And the devil was awfully glad.


mac said…
How could he not be glad
After all he had?
Sweet girls, now that ain't bad!
Mama Zen said…
So whimsical this morning!
ellen abbott said…
she smiles and chuckles.
Daryl said…
Love this ... it begs for music
Mojo said…
I know just the music Daryl's talking about too.

To paraphrase: "It's raining girls! Hallelujah!"

I think if anyone could sweeten Hell... it'd be our own Fireblossom.
TALON said…
I think this proves my theory that girls are definitely not all sugar and spice and everything nice! loved it, Shay!
Joanna Jenkins said…
You had me with the opening sentence! Love this one.
RachelW said…
Short and sweet! Delicious...

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