The Red And The Black

Red is the color of no going back--

I like my sky in motion.

I like my roses black.

The cats have taught me the trick of storms in afternoon--

It's in their steady eyes,

And in the waning of the moon.

Today I will cut a black rose for my white hair,

And think myself beautiful in a way I never could have done

When I was fair...

When I was young.


mac said…
Wow, talk about aging gracefully!

Why does it take us so long to realize that we are more beautiful now than we were then ?
TALON said…
Such a lovely poem, Shay. And there is nothing more beautiful than wisdom born from age.
Ileana said…
There is power in the color black and in knowing you still got it when most people think it's gone.

Chica, you will never lose it! :)
Riot Kitty said…
Interesting, because red is my favorite color and black is my favorite color to wear :)
Cloudia said…
You are a wise poet

Aloha from Spring Time in Waikiki!

Comfort Spiral
Ekanthapadhikan said…
That's a wise and nice poem!
Tabitha Bird said…
"I like my skin in motion" love that!!! I like my skin in motion too. :)
Mojo said…
Saaayyyy... is that Daryl??

You're still the fair one Shay. Never you worry.
Anonymous said…
I can relate! I never in a million years thought I would feel this good about myself at "this age." I envy women who have the guts to show their grey.
Mama Zen said…
Because cats also teach the art of not giving a damn.
Joanna Jenkins said…
Very wise words Shay.... and a GREAT head of well-earned gray hair.
I'm in LOVE with this!!!!
Holland said…
Beautiful picture and beautiful words.
Anonymous said…
You've earned every single strand of your (gorgeous) silver hair... and your words echo the wisdom gained on each step of the journey.

Beautiful. Profound. Totally YOU.
Unknown said…
I love the juxtaposition of the black rose against the white hair. Great imagery.

Why Not Start Now?
Fireblossom said… isn't a picture of me, but yes, her hair is pectacular. :-)
Daryl said…
How did you get that photo of the back of my head?

And Joanna, its SILVER not gray ;-)
Sara said…
Shay -- What I love about black is it is all the colors mixed is the Crayola Crayons melted down, but the colors are still there.

This was a good poem for me to read as I am getting much older. I need to be reminded to see "myself beautiful in a way I never could have done when I was fair...when I was young."

Thank you:~)
Unknown said…
What is amazing about this is that we all age, we all grow and we always seem to miss our own beauty and graces...I see yours and I adore them...

Mama mia! This is lovely. Although I am having a hard time with the aging thing. I could take a lesson or two from this poem of yours.

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