Ramona Of The Crows

Ramona Of The Crows cannot sleep.

When she lies down, she becomes a superhighway--

The day goes by,

Each detail with its own little headlights;

None of them can read a map.





Well fuck me, thinks Ramona Of The Crows,

Who can sleep on the center line?

All day, she longs just to close her eyes.

If you and a coffee pot were drowning...

Well, it's probably better not to ask.

She begins to feel a little unreal,

Like a movie of herself.

She would love to pitch a meltdown, and go stalking back to her trailer like a deliciously offended Queen,

But there is no trailer--

There is only her life, and its million little cars.

At night, her body is like a roomful of restless spirits.

Her neck says, "I have lost so much. The things that I love vanish."

Her shoulder says, "I have failed at business. I am ruined."

Her knee just whines like a cranky toddler.

There are only two things that can make Ramona Of The Crows sleep--

A really good orgasm or three,

And televised baseball.

By the third inning, the little stitched spheres become sheep, leaping over the fence,

And the droning announcer becomes the Sandman.

Together in a car, they all set out--

The players, the sheep, the announcer, the restless spirits, Ramona Of The Crows, everybody.

Soon, she is inside herself, keeping herself awake.

She gets up, muttering, "I'm not serene enough for this shit,"

And puts on the coffee.

She is Ramona Of The Crows, Queen of the Dawn, lost Daughter of the Dream-Time.

Don't fuck with her.

She is a woman and a gypsy,

Always there, and always gone.



Ileana said…
Oh, Chica, if I had a dime for every time I woke up thinking, "I'm not serene enough for this shit..." I wouldn't need to take a freakin' ALF exam! ;)

PS - I love Ramona's style! If only we could bottle it.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Well I think, if you havent already done it, that you need to gather up some of these AMAZING creations and submit them to a publisher somewhere. So much wit in your words, I read on with a big smirk on my face, like, "Oh YEAH!" I love this poem. The witch poem, and then this one, have made my week:)

NEVER stop writing!(If one can command a Queen!)
Kelly said…
*smiles* ;) Restless Gemini... I love the feelings in the body... toddler knee! Yes, keep writing babyshay xxxxx
Claudia said…
this is so refreshing - love it!
and televised baseball couldn't make me sleep but...
TALON said…
Can't highlight any particular lines that sing to me, because they all do.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a restless spirit.
mac said…
I'd like to have the ball game and the orgasm (s). I'd sleep for sure !
Riot Kitty said…
I've never seen baseball linked to orgasms, but hey, you never know...
Brian Miller said…
nice. love the descriptors for her...a superhighway...a room full of restless spirits....i want mess with her, but would love to meet her...
Robin said…
"I'm not serene enough for this shit" - that is so me. Speaking of which, it's time for a coffee...

PS Your comment over at my place cracked me up. I think we're going to be great friends, bonded over our lack of CSN tickets ;).

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!
Anonymous said…
Just think, I very nearly missed this great poem and that really would be my loss. Keep up the good work.
dustus said…
"Who can sleep on the center line?"
Good question. IDK Great writing. I wouldn't mess with her
Unknown said…
this Ramona, I know this girl...
I am this girl :)

River said…
I loved it! The beginning grabed me then the end you clutched it,

She is Ramona Of The Crows, Queen of the Dawn, lost Daughter of the Dream-Time.

Don't fuck with her.

She is a woman and a gypsy,

Always there, and always gone.

Great character and great depiction of us strong women (the feisty ones)
Mama Zen said…
This is precisely how I feel.
She is a powerhouse. Moving in rest. Here and there. Three orgasms? Impressive. And I totally agree with her about televised baseball.
Daryl said…
Awesome .. baseball puts me to sleep too
Cloudia said…
"Not serene enough for this shit"

Very cool...Tom Rush, yeah!

Warm Aloha, gal pal, from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral
Sara said…
I love how you capture characters in your poetry.

Three things they seem to have in common: a mysterious air, a splash of humor and a "don't fuck with me" essence. Hmmm...reminds me of someone I know:~)

Still, I can't help but love them for it:~)

So now in addition to the QOTV, we have ROTC...now, that's funny!!! I can't see Romona of the Crows in the military:~)
Mojo said…
Ramona doesn't happen to live in Waxahatchie does she?

When I was growing up we had to sleep on the center line. In the snow.


Both ways.
Debbie said…
Love this! The restless nights and roaming spirit.
Lynn said…
I like Ramona's get sleepy tips. :)
Unknown said…
I could fall for this woman if I didn't feel her pain so intimately, I don't know how you do it, but Shay...you always inspire me...you make me feel a better person once I've read your blog...

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