Fireblossom's Monday Lethargy Rally

Hello readers. Welcome to Fireblossom's Monday Lethargy Rally. Sorry, there's no coffee because no one bothered to make any.

Here are the rules for Fireblossom's Monday Lethargy Rally:

  • show up late and unprepared, if at all
  • when addressing the group, mumble
  • when addressed by the group, doze off in the middle of it
  • bow to the Great Koala
  • (koalas live exclusively on eucalyptus leaves, which makes them kind of stoned. If they run out of leaves, and the next tree is too far away, they starve rather than make the trip)
  • tell everyone you know about Fireblossom's Monday Lethargy Rally, as long as you don't have to get out of your chair to do so
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  •  X   X
  •     >
  •  --------
Enjoy. And don't forget, any rally worth starting is worth fi


Note: the maid pictured is not my friend Mama Zen's. If it were, she would be talking. This is my maid, who only knows one phrase in English..."maybe later, I'm on break"


hedgewitch said…
I was going to comment but decided this was not in the spirit of the Rally so I'm just going to chew up my last three eucalyptus leaves and drift off into euphoric oblivion.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I'll take my leaves with a side of fries and........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Helen said…
rolling around in bed.
righteous ...
Anonymous said…
I made a beautiful mug of espresso, but I'm too damn lazy to share any...

Think I'll just go back to drooling on food prepared in the land of Koalas by a cook who redefines retirement...
Daryl said…
Rally on ... or off .. I love when you speak of yourself in the third person .. is that singular or plural? And did you notice that hot maid (yes, she's hot even to a hetro...)is smoking AND laying down on the job? Wait .. I assumed the couch/sofa was named job .. I could be wrong .. enough rambling silliness .. ta!
Kay said…
look who's making up rules now! Jeesh! fortunately, i could follow those ones, though.
I am so glad I arrived unprepared and late. I would hate to break the rules.;-)
mac said…
May I borrow the maid? I have some "cleaning" to do. It's OK, she won't need English skills ;-)
Mama Zen said…
Starve rather than make a trip to the kitchen? I think I may have married a koala.

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