Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Price of The Best Kisses

The Christmas we went to New York,

Before you even packed,

You had decided how the whole trip ought to be--

Life was your bonsai tree--

Small and crippled,

Trailing after you like a shadow child;

Product of a rotten womb.

You found me wrapped in darkness,

And decided I was a star--

You say I drove you mad in trying to touch me--

But I think it must be

That you were already that way;

Your very bones stuffed with some sort of sick larvae

That I could never even name,

Let alone have placed there.

The Christmas we spent in New York,

You took a child's delight in the lights--

You will always seem bright and be able to

Find someone who wants to take care of you,

Until you burn them out and scorn the cinders.

It was your kisses, you know,

That made me want to be with you--

Your kisses, like the lights,

Hid the deeper darkness.

You will always be disappointed with what is--

Finding dreams of What Should Be more pretty;

As for me, now as in New York,

It is always

Night in an unfamiliar city.


for One Shoot Sunday

I have never been to New York City. The trip was to a different locale, but I altered it to fit the prompt. The rest is true.

photograph by Adam Dustus


dustus said...

You always create another world within your poetry, combining psychological depth with mutli-colored hues of emotional scene and attention to detail. "You found me wrapped in darkness, And decided I was a star--"

Kodjo Deynoo. said...

product of a rotten womb? gee that is

Claudia said...

another great piece - your kisses hid the deeper darkness - life small and crippled like a bonsai tree. you have the most powerful imagery shay!

mac said...

I'm torn here....

This being true, you are much better off without them.

However, we get a wonderful poem out of it.

This is sad, beautiful writing, Shay. Thank you for sharing your sould with us, as you so often do.

Glynn said...

It's as if the relationship had failed long before the trip. Powerful poem.

Maureen said...

"Life was your bonsai tree- /Small and crippled", "Product of a rotten womb", "Your kisses, light the lights, / Hid the deeper darkness", ad "It is always / Night in an unfamiliar city": striking lines!

hedgewitch said...

As a gardener, I've often thought of bonsai as torture--though some bonsai are almost perfect things in their way. Maureen points out some of the really excellent lines and images, all of which are at the soul of the poem, but for some reason the lines that got to me were:
"..You will always seem bright and be able to/Find someone who wants to take care of you..
because they do.
Brightness is very blinding.Thanks for putting on the darkest of glasses and dealing with it.

Brian Miller said...

wicked write will always find the could bes greater...that is our imagination...but i would not mind a trip to NY...

Rabbit said...

This is so familiar it hurts. I know this person.

I am this person.

Brilliantly written. It literally took my breath away.

LulĂș said...

"...always night in an unfamiliar city..."

How terribly sad and brilliantly written. Hugs and love to you, my friend. You are a bright and beautiful light in this everchanging (oftentimes dim) and crazy world in which we live in.

jen revved said...

Dynamite, shay. visit me; we are kindred spirits. xxxj

Carrie Burtt said...

This is amazing Shay!!!!! You have captured this experience flawless, and brilliantly!

faye said...

So sad and familiar and that
makes it even sadder.

Marinela Reka said...

Nice write shay!
Love it!

Short Poems

Sherry Blue Sky said...

The fact you can write a poem like this ALMOST makes the pain worth it, I hope. You see with such depth and write with such perception-flawlessly. Fantastic poem. What a great poem to come back to after a day away!You inspire, you make me want to write so much better.

Reflections said...

Oh, but the world of ALMOST... can be such a wonderful place, exciting, alluring, enchanting... if only it could be.

Neva Flores said...


moondustwriter said...

For a moment there was starlight in those kisses
Replaced then by decay

Oh Shay I feel every word the next more profound than the one before


Lydia said...

Wow. Marvelous, Shay.

I keep forgetting to tell you how much delight I get each time I look at your header tag, Poetry and such like. Very subtle reminder of one of the funniest things ever on a stage, in heels or not!

TechnoBabe said...

Reading your words expands my mind. Now I will look at a bonsai tree differently forever.

Lynn said...

This made me feel a little sad. Sad, but lovely.

ellen abbott said...

sounds like a narrow escape to me.

Mama Zen said...

Breathtaking imagery. Just amazing writing.

Daryl said...

You have to come see those decorations in person ... xo