The Trash Wolf

i am the trash wolf,
gliding through the yards
under a chicken bone moon.
if your terrier's gone missing,
it might have been me,
or maybe that little bitch
down the way. tease me with
a pizza crust and I'll
kill you.  kiss me and i'll stay.
i told you, i am the trash wolf.



Brian Miller said…
aaarrrooooooo! if you are going to tease me it better be better than pizza crust...
Hootin' Anni said…
Wow...this is haunting!!! And, I love it.

My 55 is posted!! Here is the link for you.
TALON said…
Who's afraid of the Trash Wolf? I'm not :)

This was an awesome 55, Shay.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow, this guy looks just like my Pup. So beautiful! I love your trash wolf poem, especially "gliding....under a chicken bone moon." Wonderful!
Wolves are so beautiful. And there is always an element of danger there that you capture nicely.

Thanks for your comment today--it really made me smile.
Helen said…
Completely lovable ... your trash wolf!
hedgewitch said…
No wonder I have to keep my dog locked up, with, feral things like you all over the neighborhood. Great images, (a chicken bone is worth two cantaloupes anytime.)Nice 55.
Daryl said…
I do not share my pizza crust ... and I am stealing the fucktards thingie
Anonymous said…
Your trashwolf can borrow my beagle for an appetizer any ole time. Possible indigestion, but definitely more filling than a pizza crust.
Mama Zen said…
I would never tease you with a pizza crust!
G-Man said…
Is THAT what happened to Baby Jane? I always wondered about that.
Most excellent 55 FB.
You get an A+.
Thanks for playing so perfectly, and have a Kick Ass Week-End
Unknown said…
little old lady got mutilated late last night...

ju' don' eff wit de trash wolf
Dear Trash-Wolf,
I will buy you dinner. I will give you good trash. I will even buy you steak, you just stay away from my terrier. You get close to her and you will meat a mean weasel and you just don't want to do that.;-)
Anonymous said…
I certainly don't want that wolf prowling around here.

moondustwriter said…
not sure if I could dare a kiss - gosh the options aren't great

a winner in 55 Shay

Have a great weekend my friend
Caty said…
He's beautiful, I'd probably let him stay :) I might even let him have my cat!

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