Dr. Midnight

Dr. Midnight, I know,

I know that you're the one--

Because when you look at me

Your lenses seem

To reflect and become a bright double sun.

Shine on me,

Dr. Midnight


Those other girls

Those calculating cats will grow snappish and fat--

You don't need them,

They don't know you,

Come, let me show you my repeatable data

One at a time

Dr. Midnight


See, darling?

In your office, I will place angels in every drawer--

Your waiting room will fill with more feebs

Than you could possibly see in a lifetime

Infirm and on time,

Dr. Midnight


Those other girls

Those gold-digging bitches just want your prescriptions--

But what do they know?

Tell them to go

And leave us to our bliss and insurable procedures

Punking the reaper,

Dr. Midnight




Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ho, this is a cool moment out of time! Love the "calculating cats growing snappish and fat"!! Good one!
Daryl said…
Is saying I feel the cadence make sense?
Brian Miller said…
you've been watching mcdreamy again on tv havent you?
hedgewitch said…
A witch and a mad scientist sound like one of those marriages made in hell that might work...as long as hell is a place you like.

(at least the narrator seems witchlike in her patient-charming and er, anti-social tendencies.)

And where do you find these photos--egads--explaining the heart nailed to a board with groupies taking notes...perfect image for this.

I'm liking the layers in this one a lot.
Mama Zen said…
"Infirm and on time"

That is so cool!
Helen said…
Don't know what this makes me ... my friends call me a (good) witch AND I was married to a (good) doctor for 22 years!!!

Great poem.
Cloudia said…
punk da reaper

and fill my drawers with angels!

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral


Lynn said…
Dr. Midnight - love that title. :)
Raven said…
This totally rocks! Love it! Oh, and btw, the 'love it' bit was sang (sung?) in my head Opera style as I typed it. Hehe
Jannie Funster said…
Oooo, repeatable data, sounds about as delicious as ones and zeroes can get.

Angels in every drawer, how utterly dancingly awesome!! And angels in the closets too? :)

Anonymous said…
I love it. There is something catty about it and beautiful at the same time.
Carrie Van Horn said…
I don't know how you do it....but you do it everytime....the way you draw me in like a little puppy in your arms....you have an amazing talent to create a vibe, a feeling, a world...all your own Shay! :-)
Lydia said…
how. did. you. think. of. this?

(love your coffee mug, but don't want a cuppa with this doc!)

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