Missionary Stew

"Don't you believe

In the literal word of God?"

Said they.

Let me think.

Let me see.

Let me consult my heads on sticks

With their eyes so pretty stitched

So wise.

So gay.

They say no.

No, we don't.

Besides, we find it surpassing odd

That you believe in one single lonesome God

Watching "House" on Hulu...

Such a strange drooping deity

Will never do.

I believe in

My neighbor's thighs,


The sun and stars.

Things that aren't,

And things that are.

"Would you like to discuss these things with me?

Stay for tea?"

Said me.

They say no.

No, they wouldn't.

All one can do,

(I say to the heads)

Is offer the truth.

They nod,

Painted and beautiful in the evening breeze,

They hang.

They agree.


photo from Beetlejuice



Sioux Roslawski said…
The image of God watching House on Hulu is perfect. The near-rhyme and the little bits of rhyme are spot-on as well. This was the right genie to let out today!

(How's the bike-riding going?)
hedgewitch said…
HA! And I agree. The missionaries never want to listen to anybody but themselves. I like the way you've embroidered a bit of rhyme into this fancifully and lightly--it suits.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Another brilliancy! Love it so much - love the heads on sticks. (I need a couple for my desk!) "such a strange drooping deity" - wowzers, kiddo, you are cooking with gas this morning!
Unknown said…
even God can't stand windchimes
and bad folk music
Unknown said…
and don't even get him started on Uggs
and oh yeah, grommet belts
Unknown said…
and jello salad, especially lime jello salad.
Fireblossom said…
Uggs and grommet belts! Stoppppppppp, ur killin me Rene!

And now, The New Misty Crystals will sing their hit song, "I Love Lime Jello"!
TALON said…
That pic of Beetlejuice is killing me, Shay!

I wonder what God would think of your poem...(I think she'd love it)
Raven said…
Amazing. Outright amazing. And so true. Love the God watching 'House' on Hulu bit. lol
i love strange drooping God and I especially love that one never knows what will come next from this Hera's brow. Saw your comment on Brendan's selkie poem and thought it fabulous. miss your comments. xxxxj
Anonymous said…
I believe in the golden rule. When people get too literal it scares me.
mac said…
I doubt "they" believe in the literal word of God, either.
If they did, they'd have to smite their children for being disrespectful, sleep in the tent during "that cursed time of the minth", and stone their preacher man for working on the Sabbath.
Nicely done. I'll be honest...I had to read it twice to be sure I didn't miss anything! Great read.
Cloudia said…
and headshrinking the missionaries-

yer my kinda gal!

Aloha to you
from Honolulu!

Comfort Spiral



Brian Miller said…
ah the truth is the best we have to offer...and if they were knocking on your door, glad you had a little fun with them...they will talk of you in their testimony for ages...many congregations will pray for your soul...grins...so just how many heads do you have on sticks?
Lydia said…
Great poem! I love . . .
Things that aren't,
And things that are.

Along this line, my husband ate at Denny's the other night because he had to return to the office to finish a project. As he was finishing his meal he said this "crazed-looking woman" sitting in another booth came over and sat in his booth across from him and asked him if he knew some particular wacko sect. Michael is a more polite person than I, and I told him that it was a good thing I was not with him!
Anonymous said…
I love singing skulls. Unfortunately, they usually take the contrarian view. I'll bet your deacons of the Old Life Church make quite a noise rattling their bone hallelujahs. - Brendan
How much do I love Beetlejuice...so much!!

This was a really fun and lively piece, Shay.
Daryl said…
Ah ... so much truth
Maude Lynn said…
"Things that aren't,

And things that are."

I love that.

Can I borrow the heads on sticks for my visiting Witnesses?
Unknown said…
I love the consulting heads on sticks...:-)

I also adore Nina Hagen so you had me with so much on this post, but usually you do...I hope you are well and know you are loved.

xo gabi
Lolamouse said…
I'd love a collection of heads on sticks for the holier than thous around these parts! Oh well, just the sight of my menorrah at Hanukkah is enough to scare many of them away!