Ghost moon

She came up
From the water
Came up
Like a ghost moon
And I
Stood ankle deep
In black mud
Like a lunatic
Drawn by that odd light to bury myself.

Her shoulders
Were bare
Such shoulders
So pale
And she
Rose from the water
Which ran down in beads
Like birds
Sent back to the underworld with a shiver.

I kissed her
So eager
And she twisted my hair
And long
In her fingers until I surrendered.

I said
"I am dying of you"
She was silent
But kissed me
Leeching the love from my bones
To see me perish in the freeze of our union.

I came up
From dreams
And swearing
To give up sleeping naked
And alone.
I gathered
My blankets
Rolling over and away
From the moon filled window
To see
In the darkness
Your wet skin
And dark eyes
Boldly staring back
At me.


A ghost story for Thursday Think Tank


signed...bkm said…
Came up from the water, a Ghost Moon....nice ghost story...bkm
Brian Miller said…
so its just naked and alone...?

this was not scary at all...but then again i guess not all ghosts are...
Lynette Killam said…
Love how you've blurred the lines between sleep and wakefulness, fantasy and reality! Walking those lines makes life interesting...:)

Ileana said…
Passionate sleeper, was it a dream or not? I like that she's there at the end, real or not. Very nice visuals in this one, Shay. :)
Brother Ollie said…
What a vision. You have true skill FB.
Unknown said…
Vivid dream, here, Shay. Imagery is amazing.
Anonymous said…
haunting dream, well penned.
Lynn said…
Those moments between dreaming and wakefulness - so eerie.
Daryl said…
Ghosts or reflection of inner self ...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
oooooh, how wonderful! Especially the "ghost moon"....and the water falling "like birds dropping" - oh my God! so good! "leeching the love from my bones" is brilliant. And then the waking, and the bold-eyed apparition. Fabulous poem, kiddo!
Anonymous said…
I love the ending. Very chilling.
flaubert said…
"leeching the love from my bones"
I can relate to that one.
Chilling write.

Mama Zen said…
Scary! I like this very much!
hedgewitch said…
Sleeping with ghosts makes for bad dreams. A perfect journey--from first line to last, one dark metaphor to the next, from the lunatic in the mud, to the dead birds dropping, to the moon embodied--a trip to somewhere/thing beautiful,dark and frightening you can't turn away from.
TALON said…
I loved how this ended, Shay...

Your imagery is always so stellar - it unfolds like a beautiful fan.
Unknown said…
So evocative. Good job!
Mad Kane

A wonderful surreal image from reading your words.
Great atmospheric poem.

mac said…
Kinda scary.
Very sexy!
Helen said…
Oh yes, very sensual and sexy and deep and vulnerable ... all at the same time.
Raven said…
This is exquisite! My kinda ghost story. I especially adored the second stanza. *claps furiously* Bravo!
ellen abbott said…
Oh. Shay. this is possibly one of the best things you have ever done and you girl, are awesome. I read that first stanza and immediately had to read it again and I read it like I was reading it out loud. I totally see this being spoken out loud on a stage.

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