Friday, March 4, 2011

Love & Hate In The Word Garden

Oh, I LOVE that! Gawd, I HATE that! What, you ask? These!

I LOVE Breyer's ice cream. Especially the chocolate.

I HATE hummus. Yes, I've tried it. It sucks!

I LOVE Mayhem on the Allstate commercials. He seems to enjoy causing trouble. I like his smirk. And how he wears a suit but always has band-aids and stuff on his face.

I HATE the Progressive Insurance cashier chick. I didn't mind her at first, but now I hate her. If you're going to make us look at that pasty face and wear all white, lose the bright red lipstick. I don't hate her as much as I hate the Geico gecko though. Everything about the gecko is irritating. Newsflash: blinking every 2.1 seconds does not make you cute.

I LOVE my new cable channels. I could watch nothing but Investigation Discovery and Bio and be very happy.

I HATE my old favorites, A&E, TLC and regular Discovery Channel, because they have been taken over by stupid reality shows. You couldn't pay me to watch Gene Simmons, or pawn shop shows, or midgets.

I LOVE women's athletics! Bring on the NCAA tournament!

I HATE how, if the men's team is called the Snipes, the women's team will be called the Lady Snipes. It makes it sound like they will be shooting with one hand and sipping tea with their pinkies out with the other. They're there to compete and win, just like the men. Nobody calls the men the "Gentlemen Snipes." 

I LOVE getting older cos I know so much more about so many things than I did when I was young. I know who I am, and what pleases me. I know so much more about what matters, and what doesn't.

I HATE getting older cos my body gets bigger, slower and tireder.

I LOVE little gatherings

I HATE big mob scenes.

I LOVE humor, irreverence, reverence, patience and enthusiasm.

I HATE pretension, ego, fake boredom, real boredom and dogma.

I LOVE dogs.

And I LOVE my readers. :-) What do you love or hate?



La Belette Rouge said...

I love reading everything you write.
I hate waiting.
I love my new discovery of pesto mixed with scrambled egg whites.
I love Lily.
I hate phonies.
I love being in the inbetween place.
I love that you were so kind to ask.

Anonymous said...

*LOVE* reading every damn thing you write, woman.

Hate? Mediocrity. In any shape or form.

Helen said...

chocolate and caramel
professional tennis
professional baseball
my kids and grandkids
mushroom ravoli
my Kindle
losing friends

Lynn said...

I hate injustice, unforgivingness, inflexibility and the smell of Bengay.

I love Bobbi Brown mascara, greek olives, the sound of my mother's voice and the rain on the way tomorrow that will allow me to stay home and read and watch movies all day.

Thanks for asking. :)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love: your writing! my dogs. blue skies. the ocean. my kids. maple caramel praline ice cream (OH MY GOD!!!!). my friends.
good movies. babies.

I hate: bigotry. prejudice. racism. war. poverty. injustice.

Cloudia said...

"I LOVE getting older cos I know so much more about so many things than I did when I was young. I know who I am, and what pleases me. I know so much more about what matters, and what doesn't.

I HATE getting older cos. . ."

I kinda love the image of you I have in my head :-)

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral



Brian Miller said...

love...well you know you are on top of that list shay, along with key lime pie

hate...brussel sprout, injustice, poverty, hungry children, people that try to be cute, stubbly legs sneaking up on me in the middle of the night...

Lisa said...

I love being right excited about something. I love thinking. Especially about social issues. I love my people. I love my laptop, car rides, black olives, cheese, my hair, my BED! I love my boots. I love the basket on my bike. I love being 41. I love blue slurpees. I love my tubal ligation. I love you. You made reading become delicious in a sinful way. THANK GOD!

I hate spagetti. Alot. I hate it when people don't 'see' me. I hate that it took half my life to begin to figure out who I am. I hate moving. I hate inequality and oppression. I hate despair.

hedgewitch said...

Love the song clip--emmy lou's voice and cohen's words, also you and your immense talent and all of us who share a sense of the ridiculous and the ironies of life.

I only have truly hated one thing in my life, my old boss in Parks Maintenance, Earl the Worm. And professional republicans.

Holland said...

I love
the Hitman
Mussels in wine
New ideas
honest critiques

I hate
Drunken people
Brussels sprouts
People who are always nagging
Entitlement (why do some think they are entitled to anything?)

but most of all I hate chain letters!

gabrielle said...

I love radio, dark chocolate, ripe berries, Emily Dickenson, laughter that takes you by surprise, learning a cat’s other names and stopping Shay’s word garden...
I hate: ice, arrogance, regret, green peppers, malls, forgetting words for things

Lydia said...

I love this post and all your poetry.
I love my dogs and all cats, especially mycats, and especially Willow.
I love fresh sheets.
I love hot baths with candlelight and classical music.
I love sobriety.
I love clean air and silence.
I love salmon, strawberries, crusty bread dipped in olive oil, Odwalla Original Superfood drink, Indian food.
I love this moment.

I hate racism.
I hate abuse of all kinds.
I hate shopping.
I hate debt.
I hate the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck.
I hate global warming.
I hate clutter.
I hate pollution of all kinds, including noise.
I hate that there are these many things that I hate.

Leslie said...

I love!!!!

Mama Zen said...

I like pina coladas and being caught in the rain . . .