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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Rules

It is with tremendous pleasure that I present a marvelous poem written by my friend AnneElena Foster. I've been a fan of her evocative, fearless poetry for a long while, and now it is my privilege to host my friend and her work here at Word Garden.

The Rules

by AnneElena Foster

These are the rules she lay before me:

You must adore me fully.

You must answer when I call.

You must come when you are summoned.

You must open like a blossom

That would deny me nothing

Pouring forth your treasured nectar

Into my expectant hand.

You must wait for my indulgence.

You must show your gratitude.

You must open like a flower

That has never known reluctance.

You must bear fruit like groves in summer

You must wait patiently for harvest

And when I come to you with hunger

You must feed me where I stand.



  1. This reminds me of how much I don't like rules and how I question all authority. Again, a poet like you who says things exactly the way I wish I could.

  2. That's not asking too much from someone, is it? It's so much sweeter when, without saying a word, it is just that way.

  3. Ah, but it wasn't a poet like me, Pouty. Tis Ms. Foster's poem. All I did was feature it. ;-)

    Hi Scarlet, welcome back. I like your comment. The author told me she worked hard not to make the poem accusatory. So yes, I expect it could be sweet indeed.

  4. That third stanza is a stunner.

    Thanks for the introduction!

  5. Glad to hear she wasn't at all demanding :)

    Great call, Shay!

    Stunner of a poem indeed.

  6. Glad you gals liked! No, Jannie, not demanding at all. AE says, if you're the one making the rules, it's great, but all that waiting around to be harvested sucks!

  7. I liked this one - thanks for sharing.

    Rules are definitely meant to be broken.

  8. ... and I'm sure the rewards for following such fair rules of submission are great!

    Wonderful feature, thanks for sharing! =)


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