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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Best Of

Mama Zen made me aware of a contest being presented by Barking Mad , in which you can win a 250 dollar Target gift card by posting 5-10 of your favorite posts. Go see! Meanwhile, here are mine:

1. Fall Planting My friend Val's favorite of mine, along with

2. The Burn A poem that came out of my dreams, quite literally.

3. The Hill Is Closer To Heaven A simple little love poem I wrote for Helen T. It seems to me that those whose waters run deep, pay a price in isolation, sometimes. Along with Peace , the two best poems I wrote for her. No one deserved them more.

4. For Evelyn This poem is about Evelyn Nesbit and Stanford White, written after I had read Paula Uruburu's excellent book "American Eve."

5. Crow In Love My friend Anne's favorite. Crows are my totem animal.

6. This list just has to include story poems. Shrinky's favorite, Demons, about some demons who go for a late night snack at Denny's, as well as Cupcake, about a little frosted cake who joins the army, and The Marlboro Man, a favorite of my friend Kelly Dickson, about unexpected changes in the life of the familiar advertising symbol.

7. And finally, my short story Blackbirds, about the tragic results of a love triangle between two Native American sisters and a white man.

Got a favorite? I'd love to know about it.


  1. Good luck with the contest!

  2. You hit them all,Sweetie.

    Good luck.

    -- Grannie :)

  3. August !!!!

    Because... as you say...

    Twinly lit
    Darling, we hold
    The flame.

    that's just one of my favourites...


  4. Thanks, K!

    Go answer your hate mail, Grannie Jannie, lol.

    Kelly, the link for "August" won't work, and I don't know why! I can only get it to show by clicking on the "famous figures" label, or by searching the blog for "August", but it won't come up by itself. Very odd.

  5. Thank you for your comment! Cute blog I love the name and the header!! do you mind me asking where that is? Its really beautiful. xoxo

  6. I don't think I could choose.

    But, I'll think about it!!

    I love ALL your stuff......

  7. If you want me to decide which is my favorite among these 10, I will pick "Blackbirds." I will qualify my choice by saying they are all excellent choices. "Maricela Mexicana" speaks to me in a personal way. Hippopotamus makes me happy when I'm down. You already know what I think about the Succubus poems. Too bad I don't have opinions aye?

  8. Good luck! And thanks for sharing it with the rest of us :-D

  9. Good Luck with the Contest!

  10. Crass commercialism! Ha!

    I'm really glad that you did this. I see some on the list that I haven't read. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to bookmark and return. I have the flu (can you believe that?), and my ability to remain upright is pretty limited.

  11. Thanks for sharing! I hope you win :)

  12. Good luck, girlie...with the contest. Here's hoping that you win!! (Toasts a vodka shot!) :)

  13. Emily Anne, welcome to Word Garden! But i think it was Jannie Funster who visited your blog. (I did too, afterwards.)

    VM, you're so easy to please! Thanks.

    I love opinions, Pouty, yours in particular.

    Thanks, Erin and T! T, I have so much trouble loading your blog on my old computer. I loved the post about Lacee but wasn't able to post a comment. The pictures were SO cute. :-)

    LOL, you always notice my tags, don't you, Mama Zen? Please feel better soon!

    Thanks, RK and Paris!

    Dear readers: I am taking a little hiatus from the internet. I'll be back, but i need a breather.


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