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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Smoke Girl

It's an industrial town

Full of clubs and bars

And cremes in jars

That belong to girls like you

Whose hearts were left out in the rain.

I am made of lace

The judicious use

Of empty space

And just in case

I might have thought myself too fine,

You were there to remind

Me that I am worse than plain.

I'm sorry it's 6 a.m. on a Sunday.

I'll join the ghosts you keep like an arsenal in your head,

Slip out the door and come back no more;

You'll say, "She wasn't what she seemed,

Just something that I dreamed."

A Smoke Girl, gone away

A keeper of your kiss, a dancer with the dead.



  1. i so enjoy your words! truly i do...

  2. I am in love with that photograph. I think I'll just sit here and stare at it and listen to the music player for a while. Sometimes black and white is perfect to capture attitude. I never thought of lace as being the perfect use of empty space but I guess it really is! You are definitely on a creative roll. (clapping and happy that you're inspired.)

  3. Funny how we both have women smoking on our latest posts. If only my words could come out as poetically as yours...

  4. I have to jump in - there is only one photo on my blog which I pay for the right to use and that is of a girl with attitude smoking a cigarette. I am totally with both you and Scarlet.

  5. Ah see, I can totally get a story out of that too! I just really enjoy your words!

  6. Thanks, Shadow, I'm so glad that you do!

    Pouty, you can oogle my smokey girl for free, cos you're my friend. :-)

    Pffffft, Scarlet, as you said yourself, we each bear our own gifts. I am no artist, nor am I a hawt Cuban woman. But I do manage to string together a poem here and there. I'm so glad you come and read them!

    T, my friend! I do love to be The Story Lady, in my own oddball way. Someone said that God invented people because He loves stories.

  7. Good God, how do you come up with so much good stuff so frequently? Nice pic, too ;)

  8. This has a really hypnotic rhythm. Made of the judicious use of empty space is simply brilliant.

  9. Love the words, love the picture, (cough, cough) did noy hear the music.

    Thank you, Shay! Need some more po-ems.

  10. Oh, I just love the phrases: "I am made of lace/judicious use of empty space."

    Just glorious.

  11. Love the picture, very captivating, love the poem, the rythm, the message, love the way you wrote.

    Hit home.

  12. Riot Kitty, the magic poem pixie comes to me in the night. My role is to serve her.

    Mama Zen and Vicarious, I'm so glad you liked that bit. I was kinda pleased with myself for that. My 6th grade band teacher taught me that the silences (rests) are as important as the notes. A scant 41 years later, I used that idea here. Chop chop!

    Pienovski, hello! I'm glad it was meaningful to you. Nice to see you!

  13. Shay, are you sure you're a real person? You and your writing seem too good to be true.

  14. This I might see if a line or two matches one of my melodies and carries me asunder into a whole song.


  15. I am real. Someone has to feed my dogs. ;-)
    Have a ball with the music, I hope you can squish it unto a tune.

  16. exceptional plot,
    excellent execution
    "Whose hearts were left out in the rain." amazing...loved it
    tc god bless

  17. i hate it when some half excuse for a human complains coz u don't match up to some ideal they had in their head, then they blame you! in those situations i love to pull out this cracked mirror i keep in my clutch bag for these kind of situations - and hold it up to them, own it or disown it but i ain't wearing it! mwuahaha, as i slam not slip out the door and as some wood chippings fall away, maybe a tiny section of their mask does too. oOo see how u got me ranting! You know that kind of reaction can only mean this poem touched me ;) Kx

  18. Thank you, Pradeep!

    oOo, I love that about own it or disown it, but I ain't wearing it! Dun mess with K. ;-)


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